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How to Stay Warm and Stylish at Sydney's Vivid Festival

It’s that time of year again when Sydney’s landmarks come alive at night in an extravagant display of dazzling light and colour. Yes, it’s time for the festival of light so aptly named Vivid to capture the imagination of Sydneysiders. more »

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27 May 2017

Three Ways to Wear a Three Piece Suit

Usually considered the most traditional of suits, the three-piece suit has always been the first choice for many grooms due to its formal look and, of course, its unique style. But with more and more men becoming a bit more style savvy, the custom tailored three-piece suit has become commonplace in both business and smart casual wear. As with any style of suit, there are many ways to wear it, but here are three of our favourites. more »

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16 May 2017

Montagio Reviews Met Gala 2017

As always, last week’s Met Gala was talk of the town. For those of you who don’t know what the annual Met Gala is, it’s a fundraising event held in New York City to benefit the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. more »

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10 May 2017

Our Take On ‘Pub of the Year 2017’

It’s that time of the year again for Time Out to award best pub in the business. With such an array of great pubs to choose from, it really got the Montagio team thinking about where the modern gent would go, so we thought we’d share a few of our favourites and who we’ll be voting for in the People’s Choice Awards – may the best pub win! more »

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05 May 2017

All You Need to Know About Pocket Squares

As we enter the month of May, it’s important to maintain the vibrant tones of Summer and always add that bit of ‘oomph’ to your day. A simple solution? Adding a pocket square to your daily look. more »

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03 May 2017

4 Reasons Why You Need Custom Made Shirts in Your Life

The words custom made before any item usually results in a thought something like ‘bet that costs a bit’ but the truth is that the difference in cost between a high-quality off-the-rack shirt and custom made shirt might only be the price of a drink. In fact, in some cases, the tailored shirt might even cost less. But regardless of expense, what are the real reasons you should have a piece of custom made finery in your wardrobe? more »

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07 Apr 2017

4 Reasons Men Need to Start Wearing More Pink

The theory that pink is for girls holds no weight in the world of fashion. In fact, the one-time power colour of the eighteenth century is slowly but surely making its way back into mainstream formalwear. more »

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17 Mar 2017

5 Things to Do in Sydney This St. Patrick's Day

For the many Irish people and those of Irish descent living here in Sydney, being away from home for St. Patrick’s Day is tough. more »

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10 Mar 2017

3 Casual Clothing Tips for the Perfect Dress-Down Friday

We all enjoy casual Friday at the office but does it really have to mean trundling out the old faithful plain t-shirt and worn jeans? more »

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04 Mar 2017

Know Your Shirt Fabrics

If you think choosing a colour is the only concern with regards to your choice of shirt, then you’ve probably never gone shirt shopping before. more »

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24 Feb 2017

5 Rules for Buying a Wedding Suit That You Don't Need to Follow

The most important day of your life is fast approaching, and you have yet to decide what to wear. The seemingly endless streams of advice from your parents, your partner, your friends, and even your neighbour’s kid have you locked in a bout of indecision. You should do this, you shouldn’t do that; it’s all too much. more »

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18 Feb 2017

How to Wear a Blazer 5 Different Ways

If you only have one jacket in your wardrobe, then it has to be a blazer. more »

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11 Feb 2017

9 Unusual Ways to Spend Valentine's Day in Sydney

Is it February already? It seems like only yesterday that we were recommending Christmas gifts. But alas, it’s true, and here we are again wondering how to woo our partners on the most romantic day of the year. more »

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04 Feb 2017

How to Wear a Casual Shirt - Should I Tuck It In?

It’s a question that continues to pop up each time we have a fitting with a new client. Of course, our customers are well aware that a shirt with a suit must always remain tucked in, but what about casual looks? more »

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28 Jan 2017

The resurgence of the tie bar and how to wear one

The tie bar, a one-time forgotten accessory, is making a big comeback. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a stylish gent without one these days. more »

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20 Jan 2017

The Three Suit Trends That Will Rule in 2017

It’s that time of year again when we look at the sartorial trends that will determine how we dress for the coming twelve months. Are double-breasted suits going to make yet another comeback and will navy remain the mainstay of a man’s work and casual looks? more »

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14 Jan 2017

How to Choose a Suit for Your Beach Wedding

From vineyards to mountain farmsteads, the options for a destination wedding are literally endless. more »

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06 Jan 2017

5 black tie mistakes you’re probably making

Black tie should be one of the easiest dress codes to follow, but you’d be surprised how many men make a mess of their efforts. more »

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24 Dec 2016

Where to spend New Year’s Eve in Sydney

2016 is drawing to a close, and even though you haven’t even had your turkey yet, it’s about time to start planning your New Year’s Eve celebrations. more »

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23 Dec 2016

Four of the Best Christmas Lunch and Dinner Options in Sydney

With just a week to go, if you haven’t already made plans for your Christmas lunch or dinner then it’s about time to get cracking. more »

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16 Dec 2016

Forget Socks; These Are the Gifts That You Want This Christmas

Well, it’s that time of year again when we men get ready to receive socks and ties in their dozens. And while we love a good tie, as Christmas gifts go socks and ties are the ultimate plan B/last minute option. more »

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11 Dec 2016

How to Choose a Suit for an Evening Wedding

Evening weddings are increasingly popular these days, and when you consider the fact that they cause far less damage to your bank account than an all-day affair, it’s easy to see why. more »

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03 Dec 2016

How to Keep Cool in the Office This Summer

With the glorious summer weather comes afternoons on the beach, barbecues, and long hot days behind your desk with the air con cranked right up... more »

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28 Nov 2016

How to Look Stylish on the Golf Course

Style and Golf are two words that you don’t often associate with one another, but with the Emirates Australian Open recently over and the silly season about to hit full swing (sorry but we couldn’t resist), we got to thinking about how golfers decide what to wear. more »

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24 Nov 2016

5 Tips on How to Live a Healthy Life This Movember

Did you know that by 2030 the Movember Foundation will have reduced the number of men dying prematurely by 25%? The power of knowledge is truly incredible, and for the last 13 years, the sole aim of the annual Movember movement is to educate. more »

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09 Nov 2016

The Entrepreneur’s Code to Dress for Success

There was a time when the word entrepreneur evoked images of men in tailored suits running to and from business meetings briefcase in hand. These days, though, it’s more likely to bring to mind thoughts of men dressed in imitation of Mark Zuckerberg looking to sell their latest dot com venture. more »

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03 Nov 2016

5 Reasons Why Your Wardrobe Affects Your Pay Grade

Shakespeare, Erasmus, and Mark Twain; all have shared their version of ‘clothes make the man’ with the world, and you know what? They were all onto something. more »

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03 Nov 2016

From Team Member to Manager – How to Dress Like a Boss

Making the move from being a team member to a management position is one of the most difficult steps to take on the career ladder. It’s a transition that puts you at odds with your former peers and under the scrutiny of c-level executives. more »

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01 Nov 2016

Be Memorable for the Right Reasons – How to Make a Great First Impression

Seven seconds. That’s all it takes for a person to decide whether you’re worth their time. From your handshake to the colour of your tie, every nuance of your bearing and appearance is evaluated in those seven seconds. more »

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31 Oct 2016

CEO Style Tips - How to Upgrade Your Look After Winning That Promotion

A CEO position rarely comes out of the blue. Men and women often spend many years of their lives with one career goal – the corner office. And so it would seem highly unlikely that a man about to take up the stewardship of a company would have anything less than the sound sartorial wit of a professional suit wearer. more »

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29 Oct 2016

How to Dress for Your Interview in Sales and Marketing

There are very few industries where your appearance is as important as it is in the world of sales and marketing. From client meetings to presentations, the occasions when you must look your best are many and so when you step into that interview, you want to make a killer first impression. more »

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29 Oct 2016

How to Dress for Your Interview at the Law Firm

The Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburgs of the world proved long ago that success and formal dress code need not go hand in hand. And so, many industries adopted a more relaxed attitude towards office attire. However, if law is your chosen line of work, those polo shirts may never see the warm glow of a fluorescent office light. more »

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25 Oct 2016

How to Dress for Your Interview at the Finance Firm

Securing an interview with your dream finance firm is in itself cause enough for celebration in this highly competitive industry. But don’t pop the champagne corks just yet, you haven’t quite got that job in the bag. more »

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21 Oct 2016

How to Dress for Your Interview at the Tech Firm

So they loved your CV, were intrigued by your cover letter, and you aced that brief phone interview with the recruiter. All that stands in your way now is the final interview with the person that calls the shots. But what are you supposed to wear? more »

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20 Oct 2016

How to Dress for Your Interview at the Bank

So you’ve managed to secure an interview for a position at the bank. You’ve done your homework, updated your CV, and have a fairly good idea about what you should and shouldn’t say. But what about your suit? more »

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13 Oct 2016

How to Appear More Attractive to Women

Now we’re not suggesting for a moment that you need help in attracting the attentions of the fairer sex, but in a hypothetical situation where you might need some assistance, these tips could be just what you’re looking for. more »

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11 Oct 2016

How to Wear Turn Ups Properly with Your Suit

The good old trouser turn up, used to great effect making school trousers last for more than a single term. But aren’t they a thing of bygone days? A trend that briefly raises its head once a decade or so? No, absolutely not. more »

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03 Oct 2016

What Is a Lapel Pin and How to Wear One Properly

Contrary to popular belief, the lapel pin is not an accessory exclusive to wedding attendees and University Alumni. This most vintage of additions to the modern suit is a perfect way to add a very personal touch to your outfit. more »

Section: Formalwear and Accessories - Blog

24 Sep 2016

All You Need to Know About Lapels

For the sartorial novice, the suit lapel is something of a conundrum. Should it be narrow or wide, peaked or notched? And what actual purpose does it serve? Well, the truth is these folds on the front of your jacket are no more than aesthetic additions, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore them. more »

Section: Tailoring and Clothing Maintenance - Blog

18 Sep 2016

Tie Care 101 - How to Make Your Ties Last a Lifetime

The humble tie, so often the making of an outfit, the last piece of the sartorial puzzle and the focus of attention. But it’s also one of the most easily damaged items of clothing in your wardrobe, so why do we make so little effort to take care of this essential piece of formal wear? more »

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11 Sep 2016

How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Suit

It matters not how cool your tie or shoes are, nor how much bling you’ve added to your wrists and fingers, if you choose the wrong fabric for your suit, you’ll live to regret it. more »

Section: Building Your Wardrobe - Blog

05 Sep 2016

Length Matters! – the Definitive Guide to How Long Your Clothes Should Be

Whether you’re tall or short matters not in the world of fine tailoring. What really matters is your clothes, and most importantly, that your suit fits just right. more »

Section: Building Your Wardrobe - Blog

01 Sep 2016

How to Bulk up Without Hitting the Gym - 6 Style Secrets

Dressing to impress when you have a thin frame can seem frustrating as you don't want to appear frail, but you don't always know how to choose fabrics, styles and options to make you look stronger. Here's six easy ways to "bulk" up without lifting weights or working out. more »

Section: Building Your Wardrobe - Blog

26 Aug 2016

How to Dress for Your Body Shape

Whether you are tall and sleek (or wide) or short and slender (or stocky), choose clothes that accentuate your body shape and you'll always look elegant. In fact, selecting the right fit and style can make you look taller and slimmer. What's not to like about that? more »

Section: Building Your Wardrobe - Blog

24 Aug 2016

6 Hidden Features of Menswear and Why You Need to Use Them

If you don't know how to use your recovery loop or when to look for an emergency button, you may not be getting full value from your men's wardrobe. Here's six features of your suit, shirt and accessories that may be under-utilized. more »

Section: Gentlemanly Pursuits - Blog

20 Aug 2016

How to Get That Hollywood Jawline in Six Simple Shaving Steps

Elegant, well-fitting clothing is one part of a knock-out appearance. Sporting a Hollywood jawline is another guaranteed way to focus attention on you. Here’s our expert advice on achieving that perfect shave with just six straightforward steps. more »

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18 Aug 2016

5 Tips to Matching Your Belt and Shoes

Black shoes plus black belt; brown shoes plus brown belt. That's all you need to know - right? Wrong! Here's the crucial tips you need to mix and match like a fashionista. more »

Section: Building Your Wardrobe - Blog

15 Aug 2016

Five Father's Day Gift Ideas to Impress Dear Old Dad

Actually, you needn't wait until Father's Day to surprise dad with one - or even all - of these unbelievably unique gifts. In fact, why not treat yourself as well? more »

Section: Everything Else - Blog

13 Aug 2016

Suit Mistakes You Shouldn't Make - but Probably Do

You can be wearing the world's most expensive suit but still not present the perfect appearance if you make any - or worse, all of these suit mistakes. more »

Section: Essential Men's Suit Guide - Blog

09 Aug 2016

How to Buy a Shirt – Why Fit Is the All-Important Factor

Whether you buy your shirts off the rack or order them custom made, if they don't fit, you've wasted your money. If the fit's too loose, you look slovenly; if the fit's too tight, you look and feel uncomfortable. Here's our expert advice on how to get the perfect fit. more »

Section: Essential Men's Business Shirts - Blog

06 Aug 2016



Simon Frazer

Montagio did a great job on wedding suits for me and my two groomsmen. Bally provided us with fantastic service and the result was definitely superior to an off-the-rack option... more »

Kiran Dosanjh

I have bought a total of 11 pieces custom made so far - quality and attention to detail is spectacular, material choice is broad and the input customers have in creating the exact look they want is a great experience... more »

Roy Soliman

I went back for another suit, a few shirts and some ties. Outstanding! I had so many complements on my new suit yesterday! more »

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