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6 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your Wedding Suit

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Your big day is approaching - you're getting married! You've got the venue locked down, the rings in hand, and you think you're ready to go. However, even a picture perfect wedding day can be marred if you don't pay attention to these 6 factors to consider when buying a wedding suit.

There are many occasions when a man is expected to look his best, an interview, the big presentation, or even a day at the races, but none is quite as important as the day he awaits his soon-to-be life partner at the altar.

And while many a wise man will tell you it’s bad form to outshine your other half, that doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. And what better way to do so than in custom tailored finery of the highest caliber. But before you make a headlong dash for the nearest tailor, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

Will you wear it again?

Now that’s not to say you aren’t in it for the long haul; it’s more a question of how much wear do you realistically expect your wedding suit to get. A sense of financial astuteness has become a characteristic of today’s modern man with many a gentleman leaning towards the sensible option of a custom tailored suit he will wear for years to come. Decide on this first before even thinking about choosing fabrics and styles.

Think outside the box

The main purpose of a wedding suit is to look the part in those all-important photos, and for this reason, it might be tempting to play it safe with an out-of-the-catalogue look.

If you’re going down the traditional formal wedding route, we’d suggest making some subtle changes to your suit such as sloping pockets or even playing around with different fabric choices for the shawl.


However, if your suit is one you will wear again, then it’s actually a lot simpler to create an individual look. Your choice of tie, pocket square, and even shoes can have a huge bearing on your look, and if you’re feeling adventurous, mixing fabrics or colours a la Spezzato is an excellent option.

Fabric first, colour a distant second

Unless you are following a distinct theme for your wedding, we suggest you choose your fabric first before considering shades and hues. And why is this? Well, the truth is certain fabrics and colours don’t work well together. Ever seen a peach tweed suit?

More importantly though, is the time of year you are getting married. Of course, you want to look well on your wedding day, but that lightweight linen suit just isn’t going to work if you’re planning a Charlotte Pass ceremony.

Three is the magic number

A formal wedding look may not require a waistcoat, but if you’re breaking away from tradition with a slightly more casual style, then a three-piece suit is essential.


It adds a certain level of importance to the occasion, especially if it’s not your sartorial modus operandi. And we love the fact that later in the proceedings when jackets have been cast aside as things hot up on the dancefloor, you’ll still look quite the dapper fellow.

Do your homework

Your friendly local tailor will be only too happy to walk you through the various looks and possibilities open to you, but it always helps to have a starting point. Start reading some wedding blogs or buy a few magazines with a focus on groom looks. To be honest, an image search for wedding suits should throw more than a few ideas your way.


There’s nothing a tailor loves more than a client with ideas, but bear in mind that while something looks incredible on Ryan Gosling, it’s your tailor’s job to be honest with you and present you in the best possible way according to your body shape. Trust your tailor.

Plan ahead and plan carefully

You’re going to be a busy man over the next few months. Between choosing a location, sending invitations, and tasting cakes, you’ll have your hands full, so setting time aside to visit with your tailor is not just important, it’s essential.


A good custom tailored suit could take anywhere up to six weeks or even more depending on alterations, so we suggest giving yourself a good three months from start to finish. Why so long? Well, you’re not likely to make your final decision at your first meeting, and there’s always a chance you may have a change of heart on some minor details. Give yourself and your tailor plenty of time to deal with any unforeseen hiccups.

So now that you’re clued in on what to expect, it’s time to make that booking with Montagio. And if you have no idea where to start, don’t worry, we have a few ideas of our own to help you out.


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