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5 Reasons Why Your Wardrobe Affects Your Pay Grade

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Shakespeare, Erasmus, and Mark Twain; all have shared their version of ‘clothes make the man’ with the world, and you know what? They were all onto something.

As we know too well, the clothes you wear have a huge bearing on first impressions, so it should come as no surprise there is a direct link between your sartorial presentation skills and success.

And while dressing well won’t necessarily guarantee you a pay rise, it certainly won’t do you any harm, and here’s why.

Pride in yourself = pride in your work

There is a common belief in human resources departments and boardrooms the world over that a man that takes pride in his appearance will undoubtedly pay close attention to his work.

This tendency to judge a book by its cover is the main reason why we always recommend a new and smart outfit for any interview. It doesn’t quite mean you are the best man for the job but does create a good first impression, which is an ideal first step in the right direction.

It makes you more noticeable

We love our suits at Montagio and take great pride in looking the part always, yet we are a little saddened we live in a world where appearance often takes precedence over aptitude.


There is no doubt many people have missed out on an opportunity for a promotion or a new job simply because of how they dressed. Your style and appearance is the one thing you have 100% control over, so don’t let a shabby dress code ruin those chances of climbing the ladder. Dress the part and get noticed.

It puts you on the same level as your superiors

They say you should dress for the job you want. Not doing so might mean your superiors fail to take you seriously as management potential. If you work in an extremely casual office and turn up in shorts and a t-shirt every day, you could miss the promotion boat without even knowing it was about to depart.

C-level management pay far more attention to their employees than you think. So if you have any aspirations to move up a pay grade, following management level dress code sends out the subliminal message that you are already on their level.

It’s more professional

You may feel like you’re overdressing at times, but there’s no shame in dressing in a professional, businesslike fashion. It speaks volumes about your attitude towards your work (like we mentioned earlier) and tells the boss you respect the company.

Promotion also brings with it the opportunity to meet with clients, investors, and various other individuals that are important to the company. And your outward appearance as a professionally dressed male makes you an ideal candidate to represent the business in such a way.

It instills trust

Have you ever wanted to buy something only to change your mind because you just didn’t trust the guy that was selling it? Of course you have, it happens all the time. But what gave you that inkling that all was not on the up and up? Did it have anything to do with his poorly fitting suit and unbuttoned shirt?

A well-dressed man instills trust in others. Whether he is leading a team, speaking with clients, selling a car, or applying for a promotion, if he is impeccably turned out, then he has a much better chance of closing the deal.

While the above reasons are certainly something to bear in mind, we should also point out you shouldn't spend too much time worrying about your appearance. Take care in how you dress in order to create a good impression, but ultimately your skills and suitability for the job are what will earn you that promotion.

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