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The Ultimate Guide to Accessorizing Your Wedding Suit

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Getting ready for the big day with your partner-to-be can only be described as organized pandemonium. Between cake tasting, venue hopping, and the million and one other things that need seeing to, it’s tough finding some time to think about yourself. So it comes as no surprise that many of us men set aside fancy notions of patterned suspenders and oxblood brogues as we sit through yet another meeting with the wedding planner. And that’s why we’ve put together this list of accessories that will add more than a touch of personality to your custom tailored wedding suit.

The dress shoes


Absolutely essential unless you’re getting hitched on the beach (and even then we still think you should have a pair), the dress shoe can make or break a suit. Too light or dark in colour can make them the focal point of your outfit which is not good. And remember that the black suit, black shoe rule doesn’t always apply. Take a look at our post on how to colour match your shoes to your suit for an in-depth guide on choosing the right hues.

The dancing shoes


Brides have the right idea when they bring along a small shoe collection to their nuptials, and it’s about time guys got in on the act. The fact is that those wingtips might not be as comfy after four hours of presenting your best smile for the obligatory photo ops. And this is when a comfortable pair of broken in shoes will save your feet from blisters and bunions. Make sure though that you have a pair that works well with your suit; you still want to look your best after all.

The cufflinks


Has there ever been a man that got married and didn’t present his groomsmen with a pair of cufflinks each? They add the most perfect of flourishes to non-descript dress shirts, and we love them. Now we have warned you before to stay away from novelty cufflinks, but subtle symbols or shapes are perfect for making you feel like yourself, especially if you don’t wear suits so often.

The tie


Some men like ties, some like cravats, but we suggest that you drop your usual modus operandi for tie selection and think outside the box.

  • Pin dot tie – This is a wonderful choice that is so very understated that some might not even notice it. This is perfect for guys that want to set themselves apart but aren’t too keen to make a big sartorial splash.
  • Patterned bow tie – This is one for the extrovert and will without doubt gain you more than a few compliments. Just remember nothing from the novelty section.
  • Skinny tie – For a retro look you could try the skinny tie but be warned, the tie must fit the suit, so anything looser than a slim-fit suit is a no-no.

The socks


We have previously written at length on how to choose the right dress socks so we’ll just summarize with these few points.

  • Length – They need to come at least halfway up your calf. We don’t want to see any leg when you sit down.
  • Colour – The old rule is to match the sock to the shoe, but lately men prefer to match the sock to the suit. Either way will see you right or you can also match them with another element of your look, but try to keep the tones understated.
  • Patterns – This can be a contentious issue as some feel that patterns are fine while others think they are too eye-catching. We reckon if you must go with a pattern, then simple and subtle is the way forward.

The belt


A new belt is a must and leather is the only option you should be considering. Whether it’s brown or black depends on your choice of suit and shoes. Some like to match the shoes to the belt while others prefer something plain and black. The safe bet is to choose dark brown or black with a smallish buckle in brass or silver. And yes, that means you need to leave the Bat Belt at home.

Remember too that a belt is worn as an accessory and not a necessity. So if you need it to hold your pants up, then it’s time for a chat with your tailor.

The suspenders/braces


If you think that braces are only for bankers, clowns, and your dear old Uncle Charlie, then think again. A set of braces can do wonders for a look whether it’s an ultra-formal or a smart casual wedding. These can liven up any look and will look great once your jacket is off. But keep in mind that it’s not only the colour that is important, but the width is too. Keep ultra slim for skinny ties and wider suspenders for, yes you guessed it, wider ties.

The Tie bar


This is a simple finishing touch that many completely forget about. The tie bar is another way to bring a bit of sparkle or bling into your look. You can’t really go wrong with this unless you’re into rhinestones in which case we’ll remind you about the subtlety is everything approach.

The Pocket Square


This is without doubt one of our favourite accessories, and we’ve yet to understand why people still ask what’s the big deal about pocket squares? It’s a look defining touch that you can go pretty crazy with and still get away with it. Try to match the colour with another element of your ensemble but never match it with your tie. A colour in your tie, yes. As part of a tie/square combo, never.

The backup handkerchief


Time for another backup and, this time, it’s for when your mum inevitably sheds a tear or two at the prospect of becoming a mother-in-law. Keep that pocket square where it belongs and pull out your plain white substitute from your inside pocket.

The dress watch


Black leather strap or gold band, this is a purely personal choice, but we have a few favourites that we listed here. You may notice with some dismay that your trusty old Casio doesn’t make our list, and that’s because it’s not a dress watch. Anything plastic or with a rugged exterior shouldn’t be anywhere near your wrist.

The Money clip


This might seem a bit out there, but on what other occasion would you be able to use a silver plated money clip without looking like a show off? This is your time so milk it for all it’s worth. You might even consider having it engraved too.

The boutonnière


We all need to wear one but does it have to be the same old same old? If when you visit the florist next, ask to have your boutonnière made using one of the flowers from the bridal bouquet. Not only will it look good on the day but you’ll score a few points for showing your sensitive side and actually paying attention when the florist speaks.

We were going to add a pocket knife to the list in case the horse drawing the bridal carriage throws a shoe, but we imagine the driver has that covered.

So if your nuptials are in the planning stages, and you’ve yet to decide on a suit, then please drop by the showroom where our team will gladly show you some of our wedding day creations.


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