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How to Look Stylish on the Golf Course

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Style and Golf are two words that you don’t often associate with one another, but with the Emirates Australian Open recently over and the silly season about to hit full swing (sorry but we couldn’t resist), we got to thinking about how golfers decide what to wear.

Is there an unwritten rule that you must have at least one outlandishly patterned item in your ensemble? Who knows for sure? So rather than guessing what’s right or wrong, we did a little research and put together a few simple rules to looking stylish on the golf course.


The term ‘it’s all in the fit’ is prevalent in every fashion blog from here to the backend of the internet and with good reason. Once an item is the correct fit, then you’re already halfway to looking good.


During the hotter months make sure that your short-sleeved shirt is not too tight as to reveal your love for late night snacks and drinks. But more importantly, don’t wear your sleeves below your elbows.

It’s a unforgivable golf style faux pas and quite frankly, looks rather ridiculous. Oversized bowling style shirts just don’t cut the mustard on the fairway.

Shirts should also have a collar and should remain tucked into your pants at all times, even in the bar for post-round drinks.


You do realise cargo shorts don’t belong on the greens, right? If shorts are your only option (this is Sydney, after all,) then they must touch the top of your kneecaps. To go any longer runs the risk of looking more like a skateboarder while any shorter and you may run afoul of the club’s rules of attire etiquette. And just like your shirt, make sure they’re not too tight.

Long pants

When wearing long pants, they should kiss the tops of your shoes. You don’t want to see your socks, but at the same time, you don’t want the hems of your pants to get caught under your shoes.

We recommend a pair of khakis as a staple of your golfing wardrobe. You can pair them with anything in terms of colour and pattern making them a must-have item.


The old rule that you match the belt to the shoe simply won’t work in golf. Your shoes could be white, blue, black or any other colour for that matter.


Some golfers match their belt to one colour in a patterned item, which is a little like how you choose your pocket square. Others prefer to choose a belt that is completely individual in style and hue.


Most importantly, though, is always to wear one. You cannot tee off without a belt. It’s just not right.

Sweaters and vests

If the weather demands a sweater, then make sure it is not too tight and offers enough room to manoeuvre. V-necks are the most common option for golfers, but if you choose a crew neck, then your shirt collar must remain under your sweater at all times.

The majority of sweaters and vest are in block colours, so it’s difficult to go wrong when choosing a style. Just bear in mind that if your pants are quite bright, then a darker sweater might be a better choice.

But what about patterns?

Walk into any clubhouse in the world and a veritable sea of checks and stripes will overwhelm your senses. But there’s more to it than simply throwing together the most outrageous combinations possible.

While many golfers fall at this hurdle, the seasoned golf style pro will choose one patterned component of his outfit and match it with an understated piece. So a lime green shirt with pink checks would go well with a block coloured pair of chinos while those infamous checked golfing pants pair perfectly with a plain polo shirt.

Colour coordination is acceptable

Not only acceptable but sometimes lauded as fashion forward on the fairways. We never really advise matching up items colour-wise in your casual wear, but golf is a sport where the rules of everyday fashion are there for the breaking.

Match your hat to your shirt or pants. Match your shoes to your glove. You can even wear white pants and a white hat. The golf course is a place that encourages bold fashion choices so have a little fun and match up those colours like never before. This may be your only chance in life to go all matchy matchy.

No matter what you choose to wear, make sure that it is outside your comfort zone for everyday wear. It’s not often that you find yourself in a situation where practically anything goes, so make the most of it and be adventurous. If you need more ideas on how to style your golf day attire, stop by our Sydney showroom or schedule a private sessionwith one of our style specialists.

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