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Red? Blue? - How Important Is Your Tie Colour?

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If you think the tie colour you wear to work each day doesn't matter, better think again. You see, while novelty ties and the like obviously portray you as the office joker, is that really the impression you want to project? Conversely, subtle shades of certain hues are just as powerful at influencing others’ perception of you in a positive manner. Let's talk about what you need to know to pick the right tie, every time.

Power Red

It’s no coincidence the majority of politicians wear red ties as it is a colour that has always been associated with strength, power, and passion. But the shade you choose is just as important. Darker tones such as burgundy instill a feeling of trust in others so they’re perfect when meeting with investors. Lighter shades, on the other hand, are perceived as more creative and are often considered a style statement.


Royal Purple

Purple was once a colour reserved exclusively for royalty. As such, it creates an image of wealth and status. At one time, it was an unacceptable colour to wear in the workplace and was more often than not worn by your more extravagant mates at weddings. Nowadays, however, it signifies a person who isn’t afraid to be himself, something which could be considered quite an admirable trait in the world of business or politics.


Back in Black

Your dear old dad most likely advised you every man should own a black tie for those unfortunate times when he must attend a funeral. And while this is true, don’t be afraid to use that tie for other occasions. A black tie worn to a cocktail party, for example, evokes an air of sophistication while showing you are in step with the sartorial world.


Shades of Grey

Grey is without doubt one of the most difficult colours to pull off but if you get it right, it’s a very classy look. This colour is perfect for occasions when black might seem a little too much but you still want that air of sophistication we talked about earlier. It’s a very modern look but don’t confuse it with silver; remember, subtlety is everything.


Ever Green

It’s the colour of money in certain countries so you’d think it would be quite the office colour. Unfortunately though, it’s not. This is more like a colour you’d wear to celebrate your Irish roots on St Patrick’s Day. So while it might look great with your tailored suit, you should keep this for casual social functions or the 17th of March only.


Mellow Yellow

This is a very traditional colour choice, particularly in England, and its vibrancy makes you seem a more approachable sort of chap. It’s considered a happy colour that makes everyone assume the wearer is in the best of moods. This is the perfect choice if you’re out networking or for a first day at the office.


True Blue

If you’re worried about making a fashion blunder, then stick with tried and trusted blue. Seriously, this colour is the absolute go-to colour for any occasion. Interviews, meeting with the loan officer, or even dinner with the in-laws, any shade of blue will stand you in good stead. The photo says it all really. A bunch of guys with immense power playing it extremely safe.


Whatever colour of tie you choose it’s essential that it is paired with the right suit and shirt and you know what we say… it’s all in the fit. So get yourself down to Montagio for a bit of advice on choosing the perfect tie and custom made suit combination- no matter the occasion!


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