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Choose the Perfect Suit for Your Same-Sex Wedding

The biggest day of your life is fast approaching, you've arranged the ceremony, chosen your invitations, booked your honeymoon, and you've even talked to the wedding band about that all-important first dance. But what about your suit? We men are often guilty of leaving the most important things to the last minute, but when it comes to your wedding suit, there's simply no excuse. more »

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04 Dec 2017

Best of British – The fine fabrics of Holland & Sherry

As stalwarts of the British tailoring industry, it’s hard to look beyond Holland & Sherry when searching for the finest fabrics on the market. In business since 1836, the fabric supplier has survived two world wars and countless recessions. For nearly two centuries, Holland & Sherry have been the go-to fabric suppliers for many of Saville Row’s top tailors. So how do they do it? more »

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02 Nov 2017

Cupro and Bemberg – the Only Choice for Your Suit Lining

It’s easy to get so engrossed in choosing your suit fabric that by the time it comes around to choosing a lining you give it no more than a moment’s thought. But trust us when we say that your suit lining is far more important than you give it credit for. Your decision has a massive bearing on how your suit will look and feel. And that’s why you need to open your eyes to the magnificence of Cupro, or as it is more commonly known; Bemberg. But before we go any further, let’s just take a... more »

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09 Oct 2017

How to Wear Turn Ups Properly with Your Suit

The good old trouser turn up, used to great effect making school trousers last for more than a single term. But aren’t they a thing of bygone days? A trend that briefly raises its head once a decade or so? No, absolutely not. more »

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03 Oct 2016

Suit Mistakes You Shouldn't Make - but Probably Do

You can be wearing the world's most expensive suit but still not present the perfect appearance if you make any - or worse, all of these suit mistakes. more »

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09 Aug 2016

How Should Your Men's Suit Fit? (Infographic)

Have you ever had a suit buying experience go bad? If so, you understand the importance of knowing how a man's suit should fit. While alterations tailors can fix some fitting problems such as trouser breaks or cuff lengths, others - think ill-fitting jacket shoulders - are too expensive or even impossible to correct. Want to learn how to select your men's suit to avoid costly buying mistakes? Follow these fitting tips and you will end up with a well-made suit that feels comfortable all day... more »

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02 Dec 2015

How Should Your Business Shirt Fit (Infographic)

Want to put your best foot forward professionally? Well, nothing spoils the look faster than mounds of billowing fabric flowing over the waistband of your trousers. The problem? Off the rack business shirts that don't fit right. You might think buying custom-made shirts solves your problem - you're partially right - but unless you know what to look for to get the proper fit, you'll just add to your problems. Ignore these 7 custom business shirt fitting tips at your own risk! more »

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19 Nov 2015

The Power Suit and Why You Should Have One

The power suit, a style icon of the 80s whose name is only uttered in hushed tones of nostalgic fever (or perhaps shame). There’s no doubt that the power suit with its fabled wide shoulders died a slow death many moons ago. In fact, The Wall Street Journal seemingly hammered the final nail in its coffin in 2012 declaring that it was DOA. But with custom tailored suit sales increasing every year and gents becoming more clued in sartorially speaking, could it be making a comeback? more »

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14 May 2015