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Avoid Wedding Day Faux Pas: 10 Commandments for Keeping Grooms Looking Great

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If your husband to be is an "expect the unexpected" type of guy, then you should probably pay close attention to these tips on what not to do or wear on the big day. While these may seem outrageous... are they, really?

Thou shalt not allow a Movember moustache

Unless your future husband already rocks the moustachioed look, you’ll probably want him clean shaven. While Movember is for a great cause, no matter how many years he’s been a Mo Bro, a charitable donation is preferable to an upper lip a walrus would be proud of.


Thou shalt not allow over-indulgence

Sure, you want to make sure your future husband will fit into that finely tailored suit as he should, but there’s no need to cut off his beer and food supply completely. Having said that, triple cheese meat lovers stuffed crust pizzas the week before the wedding are a definite no-no.


Thou shalt insist on a pre-wedding haircut

Whether he has a full head of flowing locks or a short back and sides, your groom needs to have his hair sorted before the big day. However, you must be very clear that mullets, lightning bolts shaved into his head, and perms are not wedding album appropriate.


Thou shalt have his suit tailor made

Okay so we’re a bit biased on this point but come on, this is the biggest day of your lives. A tailor made wedding suitwill fit him like a glove, whereas one that’s off the rack (or hired) and that doesn’t quite fit could have him looking like a twelve-year-old in his dad’s suit.


Thou shalt not encourage his bad taste

Even though your groom may dress like David Beckham on a daily basis, like everyone else he’s probably guilty of having an obsession with something that is particularly unstylish. Whether it’s his dodgy gangster hat or bling that would look more at home in a Kanye video, put your foot down and say No.


Thou shalt not allow old shoes to be worn

“But new shoes always pinch my toes.” If this is his usual complaint, well then, he’ll just have to wear thicker socks or break those new brogues in the week before the wedding. No matter how much he loves those loafers he’s had since college; they’re not going to look good with his tuxedo.


Thou shalt not allow novelty accessories

This one should be a given, but you’d be surprised at how many grooms forgo fashion sense and try to slip novelty ties or cufflinks into their wedding attire. Nip this in the bud at the first mention of it, otherwise, you could end up with a sports themed groom on your big day.


Thou shalt ban the Harlem Shake

Dancing at a wedding should consist of two people locked in a loving embrace or perhaps a bit of twisting and shouting as the night wears on. What it should never involve is impromptu attempts at anything that Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus would be proud of. For some unknown reason, some men unleash their inner disco diva once they hit the dancefloor at a wedding. Have a word with the DJ and check his playlist.


Thou shalt limit the champers intake

Sure it’s a celebration, but this is a long day and getting stuck into the champagne well before the first course has been served is a recipe for disaster. Have a few glasses of wine or a few beers throughout the day but once his buddies start lining up the shots, get him out of there.

Thou shalt make a checklist

Now we’re not suggesting your fiancé has a bad memory, but it’s easy to forget something in the run up to your wedding day. Make a list of all the groom's attire and accessories thatneed to be purchased and head out shopping nice and early (at least 8-12 weeks before the big day). Frompocket square to underwear... jot down the whole package!

The last thing you want is him standing at the altar in a pair of white gym socks.


Follow these commandments and not only will you have peace of mind but you’ll also have a little more time to fret over the other million and one things left to do. In fact, you'll have plenty of time to bring him down to our Sydney showroom for a no-obligation personal styling session. The men of Montagio will have him whipped into shape and looking like a fashion model on your once-in-a-lifetime special day.


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