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Suit Mistakes You Shouldn't Make - but Probably Do

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You can be wearing the world's most expensive suit but still not present the perfect appearance if you make any - or worse, all of these suit mistakes.

No matter how well your tailor made suit fits, there are a few schoolboy errors that are all too easy to make. Colours, buttons, accessories; it’s a wonder we men can manage to look good at all with so many tiny details to remember. This is where your friendly neighbourhood tailor – that’s us – steps in with a few pointers on those sartorial blunders that can be easily avoided.

clueless about your measurements?

While we highly recommend custom made suits, there’s no doubt a lot of people still buy off the rack. And what’s their biggest mistake? Thinking the measurements from their graduation suit should be right for the newer, paunchier them.


Slim fit suits are the suits to be seen in right now, but there’s a big difference between slim fit and too tight. You do not want to look like a suit accident waiting to happen. A tailored suit will allay those fears; but if you must buy off the rack, make sure 6mm of cuff is showing and the shoulders fit right. Nothing looks worse than ill-fitting shoulders.


Now, if you’re regular readers of this blog, you’ll know how much we love a good pocket square. But going over the top with accessories is like putting bumper stickers on a Ferrari; you just don’t do it.


Remember the old style mantra that less is more, and you should be on the right track. A simple pocket square that contrasts with your tie is fine. As are cufflinks, but try to avoid the novelty beer can set your uncle gave you when you got your first job. This goes for the tie as well; novelty anything is a big style faux pas.

Not matching belts with the shoes

The majority of us have a favourite belt we wear day in, day out. The problem is if that belt is black and your shoes are brown, you’ve just committed a fashion crime of gargantuan proportions.


Brown and black? They just don’t mix when it comes to belts and shoes. A good tip – well, it’s more like plain common sense – is to invest in two quality belts. I’m guessing we don’t need to tell you one should be black and the other one brown, right?

Ignoring the bottom button rule

This is, in our professional opinion, the worst and probably most common mistake a man can make when it comes to donning a suit. It can fit like glove and have the most elegant accessories, but it’s all for naught if that bottom button is fastened.

It all goes back to King Edward VII who, it seems, was rather fond of his steak. He liked it so much that his full figure became a bit of an issue and rather than have his waistcoat adjusted; he wore the bottom button unfastened. The entire court followed suit and a trend that has lasted centuries was born.

So how many suit mistakes are you guilty of? If it’s any more than one, then it’s time we got together and had a little talk about your suit wearing tactics. BOOK YOUR FITTING and let us walk you through the right way to wear a suit.

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