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The Quarter-Life Crisis – 10 Telltale Signs That You're in the Middle of One

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Have you started borrowing your dad’s old records or even found yourself admiring his slippers? Have you lost sleep worrying if you checked the oil levels in your car recently? Well, if you’re in your twenties to thirties then you, my friend, may be a suffering from a quarter-life crisis. Yes, you read it right. Fashion stylists and psychologists of the world have united to identify a precursor to the mid-life crisis, and it’s very real and here’s how to spot it.

You miss school

Oh, how you laughed when all the old folk told you how school days were the best days of your life. But they’re having the last laugh now as you sift through bank statements and credit card bills yearning for the days when all you worried about was money for a movie at the weekend.

You can’t make a decision


You could never understand why it took your parents so long to order from the menu at the local Italian restaurant, but now you’re the one that takes twenty minutes to order the same Carbonara you always have. Every. Time.

You Make ridiculous impulse buys

Don’t pretend you’re going to learn how to play that guitar or that you really wanted the motorbike you haven’t learned how to ride properly yet. These are the purchases of a man looking to fill the void left from your carefree University days.

You realize your dad’s quite stylish


You may not have the same taste in men’s suits as your dear old dad, but you do like his rather dapper pocket squares and if you’re totally honest, you kind of like that bow tie he keeps for special occasions, too.

In fact, you now borrow his clothes

Spending the weekend back home and realizing that you forgot to bring a shirt isn’t a problem anymore. Your dad’s shirts are pretty cool and come to think of it; they actually fit you quite well too. Now this really is getting a bit worrying.

Escape is always on your mind

Whether it’s getting out of the office for the day or just packing your bags and getting on a plane, you crave escape. Avoiding the life of responsibility you are part of has become something you daydream about constantly, and ‘backpacking through Asia’ is one of your most used Google searches.

You sound like your dad


Not only are you starting to dress and look a little more like your dad with each passing family reunion, but you’ve also been told by numerous aunts and neighbours you sound just like him too. You’ve even caught yourself saying those little phrases that you once thought only ‘old’ people used.

You buy functional clothing

You no longer look at clothes in terms of style alone but with regards to durability too. You appreciate how long those socks you bought last year have lasted, and you find yourself haranguing sales assistants about just how weatherproof that jacket really is.

You fear weddings

While you do enjoy a good excuse to don your custom tailored suit, you’d rather it were to a day at the races than the umpteenth nuptials of one of your wingmen. Weddings used to be fun for you. A day out, a bit of a dance, and some great laughs. But now you find yourself wondering how much you need to put away for the day you get hitched.

You’d rather spend the night at home


Rather oddly, you long for escape but would prefer to spend a night at home watching the Godfather Trilogy than hit the clubs. You convince yourself it’s because you’d rather not spend the money but deep down you know it’s because you want to be in bed by midnight.

If you find yourself exhibiting some or all of these symptoms, then you just might be in the midst of a quarter-life crisis. But fear not, help is at hand, but it’s the kind you give yourself. The fact is while we may fight the onset of father time, our priorities in life change.

Take it easy; you’re not the first man to become his father, and you most certainly won’t be the last. Besides, dads are pretty cool and if you turn out just like yours (carpet slippers and all) would it really be so bad? We think not. Enjoy your life and stop worrying about getting older, we’re all young at heart anyway.


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