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How to Stay Warm and Stylish at Sydney's Vivid Festival

It’s that time of year again when Sydney’s landmarks come alive at night in an extravagant display of dazzling light and colour. Yes, it’s time for the festival of light so aptly named Vivid to capture the imagination of Sydneysiders. more »

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27 May 2017

5 Things to Do in Sydney This St. Patrick's Day

For the many Irish people and those of Irish descent living here in Sydney, being away from home for St. Patrick’s Day is tough. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

10 Mar 2017

3 Casual Clothing Tips for the Perfect Dress-Down Friday

We all enjoy casual Friday at the office but does it really have to mean trundling out the old faithful plain t-shirt and worn jeans? more »

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04 Mar 2017

The Entrepreneur’s Code to Dress for Success

There was a time when the word entrepreneur evoked images of men in tailored suits running to and from business meetings briefcase in hand. These days, though, it’s more likely to bring to mind thoughts of men dressed in imitation of Mark Zuckerberg looking to sell their latest dot com venture. more »

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03 Nov 2016

5 Reasons Why Your Wardrobe Affects Your Pay Grade

Shakespeare, Erasmus, and Mark Twain; all have shared their version of ‘clothes make the man’ with the world, and you know what? They were all onto something. more »

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03 Nov 2016

From Team Member to Manager – How to Dress Like a Boss

Making the move from being a team member to a management position is one of the most difficult steps to take on the career ladder. It’s a transition that puts you at odds with your former peers and under the scrutiny of c-level executives. more »

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01 Nov 2016

Be Memorable for the Right Reasons – How to Make a Great First Impression

Seven seconds. That’s all it takes for a person to decide whether you’re worth their time. From your handshake to the colour of your tie, every nuance of your bearing and appearance is evaluated in those seven seconds. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

31 Oct 2016

CEO Style Tips - How to Upgrade Your Look After Winning That Promotion

A CEO position rarely comes out of the blue. Men and women often spend many years of their lives with one career goal – the corner office. And so it would seem highly unlikely that a man about to take up the stewardship of a company would have anything less than the sound sartorial wit of a professional suit wearer. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

29 Oct 2016

How to Dress for Your Interview in Sales and Marketing

There are very few industries where your appearance is as important as it is in the world of sales and marketing. From client meetings to presentations, the occasions when you must look your best are many and so when you step into that interview, you want to make a killer first impression. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

29 Oct 2016

How to Dress for Your Interview at the Law Firm

The Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburgs of the world proved long ago that success and formal dress code need not go hand in hand. And so, many industries adopted a more relaxed attitude towards office attire. However, if law is your chosen line of work, those polo shirts may never see the warm glow of a fluorescent office light. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

25 Oct 2016

How to Dress for Your Interview at the Finance Firm

Securing an interview with your dream finance firm is in itself cause enough for celebration in this highly competitive industry. But don’t pop the champagne corks just yet, you haven’t quite got that job in the bag. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

21 Oct 2016

How to Dress for Your Interview at the Tech Firm

So they loved your CV, were intrigued by your cover letter, and you aced that brief phone interview with the recruiter. All that stands in your way now is the final interview with the person that calls the shots. But what are you supposed to wear? more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

20 Oct 2016

How to Dress for Your Interview at the Bank

So you’ve managed to secure an interview for a position at the bank. You’ve done your homework, updated your CV, and have a fairly good idea about what you should and shouldn’t say. But what about your suit? more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

13 Oct 2016

10 Times You Can Wear a Suit When No One Else Is

If you think your suit is only for weddings, funerals and business use, think again! There’s more to a suit’s usefulness than meets the eye, and if you aren’t utilizing it properly, you’re not realizing your full return on your investment. Here’s 10 ways to make sure you get your money’s worth from your men’s tailored suit. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

30 Jul 2016

How to Wear a Pinstripe Suit - 4 Simple Tips

The pinstripe suit is making a big comeback, and you'd probably like to flaunt your fashion sense by wearing one. However, if you don't pay heed to these four important tips, you could look uncomfortable and ill-fitted in your clothes instead of self-confident and suave. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

07 Jul 2016

Spring Racing Carnival – What to wear for Derby Day @ Rosehill Gardens

October 31st looms large, and for those not enamored of trick or treating and zombie-esque fashion, it’s the chance to don those custom threads and mingle with Sydney’s fashion elite at Rosehill Gardens. Yes, it’s Derby Day and we all know what that means. Dapper gents and stylish ladies enjoying a drink, a bet, and few nibbles. But what do you wear on this, one of the most... more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

26 Oct 2015

Avoid Wedding Day Faux Pas: 10 Commandments for Keeping Grooms Looking Great

If your husband to be is an "expect the unexpected" type of guy, then you should probably pay close attention to these tips on what not to do or wear on the big day. While these may seem outrageous... are they, really? more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

02 Oct 2015

The 5 Lives of the Dinner Suit Jacket [INFOGRAPHIC SERIES]

The dinner suit is a mainstay of formal evening wear. Whether it’s an awards ceremony at the rugby club or an evening wedding, the bespoke dinner suit has its fair share of suitable occasions. But unlike its American cousin the tuxedo, the dinner suit jacket has a few tricks up its tailored sleeve. You can wear it pretty much any way you like, but here are the five ways that we like the best. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

30 Jun 2015

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