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The 5 Must-Have Gadgets for Men

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If you’re like 99% of men that grace this planet you will have an entirely unnecessary obsession with gadgets of any kind. From pocket-torches that double up as knife sharpeners to solar chargers for your phone, there’s practically no gadget we won’t at least have a look at. So to save you from those late night impulse buys on eBay, we’ve made a list of the must-have gadgets for the year so far.

Sennheiser Momentums - $298

Arguably the best headphones on the market for the past few years, these have always been an essential piece of kit for any serious audiophile. Durable and with incredible sound, we also love the fact that they look so damn stylish. But this year we have even more reason to love them with the most recent upgrade including Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to ditch that cable and go completely wireless and with 22 hours of use from one charge, they won’t let you down midafternoon.


August Smart Lock - $350

If like us you’re forever digging into the darkest depths of your bag for the house keys then you’ll love this great little gadget. Basically, this small circle of tech genius replaces the old lock on your door and allows you to unlock it hands-free by simply being near it with your connected phone. You can also add other people to the system allowing them access. Just don’t forget to revoke that access when they’ve gone, or they might walk in on you doing your best Celine Dion routine.


LG Urbane Smartwatch - $449

If you think smartwatches are all plastic, sports watch looking things, then think again. LG’s latest offering is an exercise in pure style. No rubber wristband or dodgy looking digital screen. Nope, this watch looks like a seriously good timepiece and with Android 5.1.1 installed it’s right up there with the best in terms of software. It also boasts a 320 x 320 P-OLED 1.3-inch screen that sits atop 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. But that’s neither here nor there, just look at it. Now that’s watch that will go with any suit.


Acer Switch 12-inch - $630+

So you want a tablet, a laptop, a desktop, and something you can watch movies on? You’re not asking for much are you? Well, lucky for you Acer have brought out the Switch, which is all of those things. The pretty cool desktop mode allows you to set it up just like a grown up’s PC, and the tent mode is great for catching up on your Netflix shows. On top of that you have 1080p, a 120GB SSD, and a Core M processor that make this a laptop-tablet combo you simply have to own. Unfortunately, if you want one you’ll have to have it shipped as it’s not yet available in Australia.


Tesla Model S - $117,000 - $190,000

Okay so technically this is a car as opposed to a gadget but it’s electric, and it’s beautiful so we’re sticking it on the list anyway. There are three versions, the 65kWh that can get you about 200 miles on a charge and the 85kWh which will go for about 300 miles. The 85kWh performance model of this amazing feat of engineering ingenuity can actually out accelerate an Aston Martin so don’t think it’s just some tree hugger’s dream car. This is the car of the future and not while it’s definitely a good moral decision to buy one, we love it as a thing of power and beauty.


No need to thank us, but you do realize that we’ve just sorted your birthday and Christmas presents to yourself this year, right? Now all you need is a well made suitto go with these flash new gadgets. And all we’re asking in return is a ride in that Tesla.


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