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Three Ways to Wear a Three Piece Suit

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Usually considered the most traditional of suits, the three piece suit has always been the first choice for many grooms due to its formal look and, of course, its unique style. But with more and more men becoming a bit more style savvy, the custom tailored three piece suit has become commonplace in both business and smart casual wear. As with any style of suit, there are many ways to wear it, but here are three of our favourites.


He means business Mr Chairman!

The full suit worn with a tailored business shirt and a good tie and pocket square combination is a powerful look for the boardroom or even an interview. It screams authority and asserts a certain ‘man on a mission’ air that is hard not to get taken in by. It’s both elegant and masculine and with the right shoes and accessories, is a killer business look.

Lose the jacket

Our third look sees you leave the suit jacket at home and wear just the pants and waistcoat. You might feel underdressed but trust us, this is a great look for any occasion that calls for smart casual attire. An expertly tailored waistcoat hugs the body and creates the illusion of a slimmer waistline. And when everyone else is following the herd with their open collar shirt and chinos, you’ll be turning heads in your sleek vest.

It’s all about the waistcoat

The waistcoat, like the suit jacket, is a hugely versatile addition to your wardrobe and to keep it for formal occasions alone is a wasted opportunity. A pair of jeans, a casual shirt, a tie, and waistcoat buttoned up will add some serious style points to your scorecard. It’s a perfect upgrade to an otherwise ordinary outfit and is ideal for date nights in particular. We all know the ladies love a well-dressed man but a full three-piece suit for a movie night is probably a bit much.


There’s nothing stopping you from using the pants and jacket separately as we did the waistcoat. This makes the bespoke three-piece suit a real example of sartorial versatility. So now the only question remaining is; why haven’t you got one? If you’re in the market for one of the world of fashion’s most versatile pieces, then pop into our showroom for a chat and a free style session.


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