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Frequently Asked Questions

At Mointagio we offer both Made to Measure and Custom Tailored suits. The following FAQs apply to ourCustom Tailored service only.

How long does it take for me to get my suit?

It generally takes about 4 weeks between your first consultation and final fitting (a little longer in April). We will notify you as soon as your garment is ready to come in for your fitting.

Depending on how busy we are, orders may be expedited for an additional fee. The minimum turn-around time is 2 weeks.

What is the process?

The full process can be found here - How custom tailoring works.

What is the Perfect Fit Guarantee?

Our track record shows that our custom garments fit perfectly first time for 4 out of every 5 customers. This is because many customers do choose to make minor adjustments to get their garments fitting even better. If you wish to adjust your garment, we offer you an Alterations Allowance to help you achieve the perfect fit ($75 on most suits). We also take care of the alterations process for you, working with local tailors in our building. On the very rare occasion that the garment is unalterable, we will remake it, no questions asked - this is our guarantee. It's all part of the custom tailoring process!

Read the complete perfect fit guarantee.

What is the alterations process?

Should you choose to make minor adjustments to get your garments fitting even better, we'll take care of the process for you. We have an in-house tailor that can make any final tweaks to your garments. Occasionally, wealso work closely with some local alterations tailors. We will inform you when your adjusted garments will be ready for pickup from our showroom which usually takes 1-2 days.

Please review our alterations policy for further information.

Where are the suits made?

Montagio suits are proudly constructed at our main production facility located in Thailand. We have our own team on the ground to manage production and ensure QC and we only employ export quality master tailors. The quality of suits we produce is vastly different to suits that you can purchase when you visit tailors in Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong - many can produce a suit in 24 hours!

Are you a “Bespoke” tailor?

Technically, no. The word "bespoke" is very often misused and mis-advertised. We've noticed even some off-the-rack suits touting this word! In our opinion, a "bespoke" suit is a suit in which you have input into ALL aspects of the suit's design and fit, where you come in for multiple fittings, and where you are dealing directly with the tailor stitching your suit (in most cases). As you can imagine this comes at a high cost (often $3,000 and up) and takes up a lot of your time and consideration.

That's why we offer a "custom tailored" service, where you can get the many of the benefits of bespoke tailoring, like better fit and custom style, without the negatives. We limit the number of styling options and fittings to make the process simpler and keep the price reasonable. Instead of having numerous fittings, we aim to acheive the perfect fit via alterations (if needed). This makes the process simpler and keeps our prices very reasonable. Needless to say, our clients are more than happy with the thousands of style combinations we offer, and the superior fit when compared to off-the-rack.

However, if you wish to control subtler details of your suit’s styling (e.g. button positions, lapel cut positions, pocket shape and dimensions, stitching colour etc.), we can do this too, but it does cost more as we are now heading into bespoke territory.

Do I need to get re-measured every time I order?

Not at all if your body shape hasn't changed since your last order. In fact, shopping for suits has never been faster! Just select your fabric, lining and styling options and you’re done (approx. 10-20 mins). You can rest assured that any suit you order from Montagio in the future will fit you like a glove - saving you the time and hassles of shopping around.

What fabrics are the suits made from?

Find out more about our fabrics.

How can Montagio offer a face-to-face custom tailored service at such good prices?

We cut out the middlemen (and their added margins) when it comes to both fabric buying and tailoring. We have also invested heavily in computerising our end-to-end process to keep our costs low.

This enables us to exclusively offer you a suit of great quality and fit at prices to match (and often beat) off-the-rack.

In fact, why would you ever feel the need to buy off-the-rack again?


Do you want to experience the Custom Tailored Difference?

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