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How to Wear Turn Ups Properly with Your Suit

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The good old trouser turn up, used to great effect making school trousers last for more than a single term. But aren’t they a thing of bygone days? A trend that briefly raises its head once a decade or so? No, absolutely not.

The turn up, if worn on the right occasion can add a unique touch to an otherwise uniform look. So let’s see when and how you can make use of them.

There are two types of turn ups

The pin roll

The pin roll is a very tight roll that is much harder to manage and is usually reserved for purely casual looks. Think 80’s punk wearing jeans and military boots, and you’ll get the picture.This roll works best with a stiff material like denim, hence the punk with jeans example.

The turn up

This is the far more sartorially acceptable of the two. Suitable for formal and smart casual occasions, the turn is much easier to achieve requiring a simple straight fold.


The turn up and the suit

We’ll leave the pin roll advice for another day and dive straight into adding a turn up to your suit. So when should we add it?

To dress down a suit

If you are heading for a smart casual event but really want to wear that new suit you had tailored last month, consider adding a turn up to the trousers and wearing a lighter or brighter shade of sock than usual. It adds a bit of character to your look and will most definitely dress down your suit.

To add a subtle flourish

If your office has a strict dress code, but you really want to add more personality to your look, aside from the obvious pocket square and tie combinations, you can add a turn up to your trousers. It’s perhaps the subtlest of changes, but anyone that knows their way around a suit will notice it and applaud you for your efforts.

To show off your dress boots

We have spoken before about our love for dress boots and suits, but the truth is that sometimes you just can’t see that lovely leather Chukka in all its glory. If you want to make sure that all and sundry get a good eyeful of your newest footwear, then a turn up is the perfect answer.

When should you avoid a turn up?

Turn ups really can be worn on practically any occasion when a suit is required. How much ankle/sock you are showing and the colour of your socks are your only real concern and are the best indicator of the level of formality you are trying to achieve.

However, there is one suit that can never have this sartorial affectation, and that is the tuxedo. Under no circumstances should you deviate from the norm when it comes to the trouser hem of your dinner suit. Never. Ever.

If you’re in the market for a new suit, make sure that you have enough length in the trousers that you can add a turn up without revealing too much ankle.

If you have any questions on your trouser length or anything suit related pop into the showroom in the CBD, we’re always happy to chat on all things sartorial.

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