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How to Look Stylish on the Golf Course

Style and Golf are two words that you don’t often associate with one another, but with the Emirates Australian Open recently over and the silly season about to hit full swing (sorry but we couldn’t resist), we got to thinking about how golfers decide what to wear. more »

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24 Nov 2016

How to Appear More Attractive to Women

Now we’re not suggesting for a moment that you need help in attracting the attentions of the fairer sex, but in a hypothetical situation where you might need some assistance, these tips could be just what you’re looking for. more »

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11 Oct 2016

6 Hidden Features of Menswear and Why You Need to Use Them

If you don't know how to use your recovery loop or when to look for an emergency button, you may not be getting full value from your men's wardrobe. Here's six features of your suit, shirt and accessories that may be under-utilized. more »

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20 Aug 2016

The Stylish Gentlemen's Essential Guide to Sydney

If you’re still getting the bus out of the city just to get your hair cut with your regular barber, then perhaps it’s time to save the bus fare and open your eyes and mind to the many fine establishments located right here in Sydney CBD. From custom made shoes to amazing watches, it’s all right on your doorstep and with quite a few years under our belts in our current location on George Street, we’re well equipped to point you in the right direction. more »

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15 Feb 2016

Where to Eat Christmas Lunch in Sydney - Four of the Best

From dirty dishes to annoying family members, there’s a lot to be said for dining out on what for some is the most important day of the year. But is a slice of turkey down the local pub enough to give you that warm seasonal glow? We think not, so it’s time to forget the $10 carvery, get your best tailored suit out, and treat yourself to one of Sydney’s finest Christmas lunch menus. more »

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18 Dec 2015

5 Christmas Gifts Every Man Should Buy for Himself

Let’s face it. Unless your family or partner have been picking up those subtle hints you’ve been dropping all year, the chances are you won’t be getting that new set of golf clubs or that 30 yr old brandy. If Christmas morning for you is an endless barrage of socks, then do yourself a favour this year and treat yourself to one of our must-have gifts for men. more »

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18 Dec 2015

Movember - Taking care of your mo and your gentlemanly parts

In case you’re unaware, Movember is about raising awareness and a bit of cash for men’s health as well as growing that dreamed of handlebar moustache without fear of ridicule from your mates. So here are a few tips on taking care of that blossoming mo and most importantly, your gentlemanly parts. more »

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10 Nov 2015

5 of the Most Amazing Dress Watches in the World

There’s a time, and a place for that Casio G-shock watch and a suit-wearing occasion is neither. There’s nothing that will tear a look to shreds more than a chunky plastic watch popping out from under the sleeve of your custom tailored suit. So following on from our piece on Three Men's Watches You Need to Have we decided to do a post on the world’s most amazing (and expensive) dress watches. more »

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08 Oct 2015

Things to do in Sydney this labour day Long Weekend

As the month of September winds down and we find ourselves in spring’s warm embrace it’s time to figure out just what on earth we’re all going to do for Labor Day Weekend. While sitting on the sofa with Netflix is just not doing it for us anymore, we thought we’d take a look at what our options are should we make it past the front door. more »

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29 Sep 2015

The 5 Must-Have Gadgets for Men

If you’re like 99% of men that grace this planet you will have an entirely unnecessary obsession with gadgets of any kind. From pocket-torches that double up as knife sharpeners to solar chargers for your phone, there’s practically no gadget we won’t at least have a look at. So to save you from those late night impulse buys on eBay, we’ve made a list of the must-have gadgets for the year so far. more »

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07 Sep 2015

The Most Iconic Cars in the History of Cinema

If you’re asked to name your favourite car from the movies, you’ll most likely find yourself completely flummoxed at the sheer numbers of iconic cars that come crashing through your memory banks. Doc’s DeLorean, Herbie, and Bandit’s Trans Am are just a few that spring to mind and that’s discounting all those TV automobiles like the A-Team’s van and the Duke boys’ General Lee. But just to narrow down the field we decided to name only cars that were driven by suited men and here are our... more »

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01 Sep 2015

The Five Quirkiest Bars in Sydney

Friday, the end of the week, and the perfect excuse to take some time for yourself and enjoy a bit of small talk with your favourite barman. But why not step outside your comfort zone this weekend by visiting one of our top five quirkiest bars in Sydney? You’ll be surprised at just how many there are so whittling it down to these five was no mean feat. But as always, and in the interest of research, of course, we took it upon ourselves to visit each and bring you this awesome list. more »

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28 Aug 2015

Three Men's Watches You Need to Have

Just as you have an outfit for every occasion, so too should you have a timepiece for the day that’s in it. Whether you’re out shopping with your other half, running a marathon, or in a business meeting, your watch needs to not only match your outfit but also to meet your needs. So we’ve made a list of our top three watches that will cover any occasion. more »

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07 Aug 2015

How to Negotiate and Win Like Ari Gold

Everyone’s favourite showbiz agent is back. Yes, love him or hate him, Ari Gold, Hollywood superagent is now on the big screen in all his custom tailored glory. Game of Thrones is all well and good, but we’ll take the three piece suit wearing antihero over a warrior in a bearskin any day of the week. Ari looking the part though is only half the job done, his negotiating skills are second only perhaps to the devil himself. So how does he do it, and more importantly how can you? more »

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17 Jul 2015

4 of the Best Places in Sydney to Get a Good Whisky

So it’s Friday afternoon and after a long hard week you’ve managed to finish up early enough that you can head out for a well-deserved dram of the drink of the gods, whisky. Yes, the amber nectar that is known as the water of life in both Ireland and Scotland is certainly one of our favourite tipples and we like to think that we know a good whisky when we taste one. So we decided to let you in on some of the best whisky bars we’ve found on our travels around the city. more »

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18 Jun 2015

7 Steps to Being the Perfect Gent

You may think you are the quintessential gentleman but do you really know what it takes to be considered a true gent? And no we’re not talking about ‘Jolly good chap’ and tipping your hat to the ladies; there’s a little more to it than that. And while investing in a custom tailored suit – something we highly recommend – is certainly a step in the right direction, it’s no guarantee that you’ll achieve perfect gent status. To be considered a gentleman, you must possess the majority if not all... more »

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22 May 2015

... because it's personal

With over 20,000 satisfied clients, Montagio's distinction as the top-rated tailor in Sydney and Brisbane is no coincidence. Our success lies in our commitment to personalisation, ensuring each suit is a true reflection of the individual wearing it. Unlike others, we focus on providing unparalleled service, meticulous attention to detail, and an array of bespoke options, making every Montagio suit a testament to quality and individuality. If it lacks that personal touch, it simply isn't Montagio.

How It Works

Named in GQ Magazine's "Best Tailors" list, and the highest reviewed tailor on Google, Montagio has paved the way for discerning men to get suited up with style. A truly personalised experience, we deliver perfectly fitted bespoke suits, shirts and coats for business, weddings, formal and casual events. Our showrooms are visually packed with designs that inspire and 1,000s of fabrics, making it easy for you to get the look you want. Our difference? We won't let you walk out until we've tailored your perfect garment. It's personal. To experience the same red-carpet service, book your personal appointment today.