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The 5 Lives of the Dinner Suit Jacket [INFOGRAPHIC SERIES]

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The dinner suit is a mainstay of formal evening wear. Whether it’s an awards ceremony at the rugby club or an evening wedding, the bespoke dinner suit has its fair share of suitable occasions. But unlike its American cousin the tuxedo, the dinner suit jacket has a few tricks up its tailored sleeve. You can wear it pretty much any way you like, but here are the five ways that we like the best.



Dress Down Formal

The dinner suit can have either matching or contrasting pants. This leaves plenty of room for a little bit of creativity on your part especially at formal events. Stick to the dress code by going black tie formal from the waist up but dress down your bottom half with casual pants, jeans, or even sweat pants if you’re feeling wildly adventurous.

Full on James Bond

The black dinner suit with matching pants and a shawl collar is a look of pure class and elegance. It harks back to the days of 007 and his shaken Vodka Martini and is a classic look that offers a slim and elongated silhouette.

The All Black

A modern interpretation of an old classic sees the all black tailored dinner suit paired with a black shirt with classic collar and black tie. This is a look that has been seen on the red carpet of late and is a style that is both flattering and intense in equal measure.

Smart Casual Formality

Being the ultimate in formal wear the dinner suit jacket is the perfect addition to a casual look. It immediately becomes the focal point of your overall look and dresses up even the most casual of outfits. A sweater, a pair of jeans and your bespoke dinner jacket is sure to get you noticed on the high street.

Velvet Crush

The velvet dinner jacket is becoming increasingly popular with many an octogenarian gentleman suddenly finding his 1960s burgundy affair back in vogue. It’s a little bit rock n’ roll and a little bit old country gent, but it’s 100% stylish. The range of colours available is endless, but you might have to do a bit of searching to find that electric blue you want so much.


Now that your eyes have been opened to the wonders of the tailored dinner suit, there’s literally no excuse not to have one. For galas, weddings or just a night on the town, the dinner suit jacket is one of the most versatile pieces in a man’s wardrobe. So what are you waiting for? Pop in and check out our many dinner suit styles and we’ll have you looking like James Bond in no time.


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