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Choosing the Best Wedding Suit for Your Big Day

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Understandably, brides get the lion’s share of attention at weddings. She is the queen of the show. However, you are her king, so it's just as important for you to look and feel your best. Your wedding suit is as much of a statement as your bride-to-be's dress is. It's your day too!

choosing wedding suits

When you are shopping for a wedding suit, it might seem like there are a mind-boggling amount of choices and combinations of wedding suits and tuxedos. Do you feel overwhelmed and need some advice? Relax and take a deep breath, we're here to help.

Fit: The perfect wedding suit depends on your personal taste, but at a minimum, it should fit like a glove so you look ultra-sharp on your special day. This is where a custom tailoredwedding suit or tuxedo is beneficial because you get the fit you need and deserve. The “slim fit” look is the current trend.

Theme: The theme plays a role in determining what sort of wedding suit you buy. For example, is yours a garden wedding, beach wedding, church wedding or taking place in an outdoor venue? Each theme and venue may require a different style.


Styling: The design of your wedding suit or tuxedo should be unique but complement your personality. You don't want to look like all the other guys at your wedding, especially the groomsmen, or worse, the wait staff at your reception. You want to stand out and be the man of the hour. Go ahead; be flamboyant in a genteel, subtle way.


Fabric: Fabric is more important than you may think. It's not unheard of for an Australian summer wedding party to swelter in temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius or above, so be prepared and keep your cool. Pure wool fabrics are your best protection against the summer heat. Otherwise, you may look hot and sweaty in your wedding photos, and that's probably not the look you're going for.

Functionality: Many men want a wedding suitto serve double duty as a utility suit for future special occasions (or even as a distinctive business suit). While it's important to not look bland on your wedding day, there are subtle styling decisions you can make on your suit's design so it is elegant enough for your big day, but not too showy.

Should I hire, buy or get my wedding suit custom made?

If you can afford to buy a wedding suit or tuxedo, then never hire your wedding suit. Always have it custom made by a master tailor. If you consider the costs and hassles of hiring, you'll realize you can afford it, and you'll enjoy the process.

Ask yourself, isn't wearing a perfectly fitting garment (that's never been worn before) preferable to donning a cheap one-size-fits-all polyester blend suit that who knows how many other men have already worn. It's your wedding day, and you deserve the best.


Your custom made suit will fit you like a glove, and you will look and feel a million dollars in a uniquely designed masterpiece – as you should on your big day. In fact, many grooms choose to get their groomsmen's suits custom made as well. It makes a great personal gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

Of course, you could buy your suits off-the-rack, and many grooms choose this route. However, since the costs of buying off-the-rack are similar to getting the suits tailor made, and you'll probably spend time and money shopping around trying to mix and match, buying off-the-rack suits for weddings is a less popular option.

wedding suit vs. tuxedo

Many men opt for a wedding suit as opposed to a tuxedo because so it can be worn later for work and other occasions.

The difference between a wedding suit and a tuxedo is the tuxedo features certain embellishments such as satin covered lapels and buttons that prohibit it from being worn for any purpose other than special events. A wedding suit, however, can be re-worn for work – and if it's a 3-piece wedding suit, the vest (also referred to as a waistcoat,) can be worn individually for parties or when going out.


This means a wedding suit is more versatile than a tuxedo because you can get more use out of it. However, tuxedoes can be designed in such a way as to make them unique and allow the groom to stand out, which is something many grooms desire on their wedding day. Ultimately, it's a personal decision usually predicated on budget.

Wedding suit Styling

For formal church weddings, the traditional style is a solid black 3-piece wedding suit accented by a crisp white shirt and the ubiquitous black bow tie. Paisley-patterned silk ties are also appropriate. Add a carnation or rose through the button hole of the left lapel for the finishing touch.


Despite the standard colour and format of the suit, it's easy to add flair by choosing the following options:

  • Peak lapels
  • Narrow slanted pockets
  • One button closure jacket
  • Contrast lining of rich red paisley
  • Coordinated pocket square and tie
  • Optional but eye catching: waistcoat in a contrasting or complementary colour

An alternative to the black wedding suit is a navy 3-piece wedding suit paired with a white shirt and a light blue, satin-finish silk tie and pocket square. For beach weddings, we recommend an off-white or camel coloured pure linen 2-piece wedding suit with an unbuttoned white shirt.


Almost anything is possible. If you have a design in mind or if you've seen something you like somewhere, then your local tailor can probably make it. Even if you don't have anything specific in mind, but you just want something unique, all you need to do is ask.

Wedding suit Fabrics

Ideally, the fabric should be lightweight and breathable pure wool or at the very least, a wool blend with a high percentage of wool. This is especially important for summer weddings where the weather can get you hot around the collar. Depending on the theme and time of year, you could opt for a shiny finish such as a cotton-polyester blend or even linen if it's a beach wedding.


Our luxurious fabric range caters to all budgets and occasions. So, are there nuptials in the near future for you? If so, it could be time tocontact Montagio to schedule your obligation free styling session to get some expert advice on choosing the best wedding suit.

No wedding on the horizon? No worries, we're just as happy to help you with your business suit, custom shirt and other clothing needs.

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