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Men’s Accessories - How to Wear Cufflinks

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There was a time not so long ago that cufflinks were a must-have item in every man’s wardrobe. Nowadays it’s a bit more relaxed and down to personal taste but if we’re honest we have to say cufflinks add a touch of class to your custom made suit. So we’ve decided to let you in on a few inside tips on choosing the right set.

Cufflinks are like socks, the Christmas gift that just keeps coming. The chances are though that you’ll most likely never wear those fluorescent green frogs your aunt gave you last year. Whether it’s out on a date or meeting the bank manager, those little discs on your wrists can say a lot about your sense of style and personality so heed these few tips.

Novelty Cufflinks are for fun only

And by fun we mean if the entire wedding party is wearing the same set of heart shaped fake rubies, or if you’re having a themed party. Avoid wearing novelty cufflinks in any situation that is considered formal such as weddings or business meetings.

Never match gold with silver

The rule of old is that gold is for day wear whereas silver is for the evening. Thankfully though, it’s a bit more relaxed these days, and it’s all down to personal taste. But once you’ve made your choice then that must extend to your tie-slide, collar pin and possibly even your watch.

Coloured Cufflinks need a partner

If a splash of colour is your thing, then make sure that the most noticeable hue in your cufflinks matches something else in your outfit. Ideally they’ll match any of the following

  • Any colour in your tie
  • Any colour in your pocket square
  • Any colour in your jacket
  • The colour of your pants
  • The colour of your belt or buckle
  • The colour of your shoes

Now it’s not essential but matching various items in your outfit is what pulls the whole look together.

Say no to fakes

The shiny coloured glass in those cheap cufflinks might look good in the shop, but it won’t look good when it falls off and into your glass of scotch. Avoid embarrassment and buy a good pair of real cufflinks that you can afford. There’s no need to spend half your wage packet on a crystal-laden set when a good silver pair will look just as sophisticated.

Wear them right

There’s no point in investing in a great set of cufflinks to go with that custom tailored suit and not wear them properly. If you have a swivel bar set, then make sure the disc is always facing out so the world can appreciate the effort you’re making. But most importantly of all, fasten them properly. If you find cufflinks tricky to put on by yourself, ask for help, so you don’t lose one down a drain later in the day.


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