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Do You Know How to Rock Your Summer Style?

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Natural fibres and loose-fitting clothes paired with appropriate shoes and head gear will keep you cool in the hottest conditions. Learn how to balance your summer outfits based on the weather and avoid breaking into a sweat, even as others around you perspire freely.

If you want to stand out from the uncomfortable, sweaty crowd, here's our recommendations for keeping your cool and looking sharp no matter what the temperature is.

  • Natural Fibres: Check the labels of your summer outfits, including your tailor made men's suits. Quality plant fibre fabrics like cotton are best for dispersing heat and providing sun protection.
  • Allow Your Skin to Breathe: While we do not recommend wearing extremely loose clothes, we do suggest you wear clothes with enough room for airflow while you move. Tight clothes don't allow air to flow over the skin so the sweat does not evaporate. Therefore, you feel hotter and uncomfortable.

Hot Weather Clothing Specifics

Before we get into specifics, let's cover some basic ground rules about shorts.

Shorts should hit three inches above the knee. Any higher and they resemble gym shorts; go lower and they look like capris. Allow about two to four inches of room at the hips.


Sleek dress shorts with belt loops and pleats are for golfing. They are made from tightly woven cotton fabrics and should be worn with tucked in shirts.

For most occasions, stay away from capris and jean shorts as the look is too casual. Additionally, cargo shorts, with their oversized pockets, logos and loops are very casual and best left for younger men. Finally, wear shorts with -shirts and sandals; use polo shirts or short sleeve, button up shirts when it is necessary to dress up your outfit.

Cotton, as already mentioned, is best for summer wear is. Choose light coloured shorts in tan, light khaki or white cotton. For a dressier look, wear simply styled shorts.

  • Denim: Barring lightweight denim that has been washed extensively, blue jeans can be uncomfortable on hot days. Their extremely tight weave and treated fabric with no vents absorbs heat, even though most denim is made from cotton.
  • Cotton Chinos: These have a looser weave that is conducive to airflow. When you wear chinos, the pant length should be hemmed with no break. While this will be slightly shorter in length, it promotes airflow when you walk by separating the pant leg from the shoe.
  • Dress Trousers: A good pair of summer dress trousers should be made of high-end cotton weaves of tropical wools. These fabrics are lightweight and breathable, promote airflow, and disperse heat. While wool drapes better and resists wrinkling, it is less breathable and more fragile. Cotton is cheaper, durable and comes in a variety of colours. However, its fabric can sometime be quite stiff.

Hot Weather footwear Specifics

Sandals: Best reserved for informal occasions, sandals range in casualness based on the extent to which they show the feet and the material from which they are made. Leather, therefore, is considered a dressier material than other synthetic materials.

Plastic flip flops are strictly laidback pool wear, but leather flip flops can be worn to a beach party, while strapped leather sandals are perfect for a casual summer get-together with friends. Keep your toenails clipped and clean; never wear socks with sandals.

Canvas Sneakers: These are perfect for summer as they are made from natural fibres. Being lightweight, they go well with shorts, low cut socks, and even jeans and chinos.


Boat Shoes: Their soles help you avoid slipping or marking the delicate surface of boats. They can be worn without socks.


Italian Loafers and Moccasins: Designed for wear in a Mediterranean climate, the thin supple leather on these shoes is their outstanding feature. While American and English loafers and moccasins will be heavier with rougher leather, they are also uncomfortable to wear in the heat. However, this footwear is susceptible to damage from the elements – hence you need to look after them well. They are best paired with slacks.


Hot Weather Headwear

When selecting a hot weather hat, think about where and when you'll wear it. Also, does it need to be stylish, functional or both?

Finding functional hats with sun protection is easy. Finding stylish hats that are also functional can be hard. Panamas, straw fedoras, tilleys and linen caps are stylish yet functional hats that can instantly lower the temperate by 10-20 degrees.


Depending on your needs, the size of the hat's brim can vary. We recommend selecting a hat with a large enough brim to keep the sun off your face and neck. Other considerations include:

  • Material and Weave: Summer hats made from plant fibres are the best. Their weave enables them to block light, retain their shape, and allow airflow.
  • Airflow: Gummed-up straw hats can be lightweight in build, but they do not allow airflow through the crown. High quality Panama hats use a weave pattern that looks solid and facilitates airflow.
  • Fit: The hat must fit properly. Therefore, look for a quality tanned leather sweatband. Fabric sweatbands are acceptable, too, but will need to be replaced after extended wear. Elastic sweatbands are found only on lower quality hats.

Lastly, carry a handkerchief for your nose and for cleaning off sweat as well.

While shorts may take care of most of your casualwear needs for summer, you may occasionally need something dressier. Alinen suit or a lightweight sports coat or blazer could be the right solution. You can browse options in ouronline style galleries or pop into our Sydney showroom.

Original idea for article from Antonio Centeno, author of the internet's most actionable men's style guide. We recommend a read!

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