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Beware: Actually, These 5 Things Ruin Expensive Suits

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You've invested money in your tailor made suit and feel proud every time you slip into it. Why mistreat it when you take it off? Cheap hangers, excessive wear, and incorrect cleaning methods are some of your suit's worst enemies. Here's what to avoid if you expect your suit to give you years of serviceable wear.

1. Wire Coat Hangers

Why are these things still manufactured? In our opinion, the only good use for one is as a replacement antenna on an old Holden Commodore. Wire coat hangers are any garment's arch enemy, but they are particularly damaging to tailor made suits. They cause extra stress on your suit's fabric and can destroy the shoulders as well if the suit is left hanging too long. Always use good wooden hangers to protect your investment in your suits.

2. Chair backs

When you’re at the office, or you sit down for a spot of lunch, the most convenient place to leave your suit jacket is on the back of the chair. This is pure hell for the suit's shoulders, so if you’re in the habit of doing this, don’t be too surprised if you end up with shoulders that are stretched out of shape. If you can’t hang your jacket on a hanger, try folding it over the back of the chair instead. It’s still not an ideal scenario, but it is better than ruining the shape of your suit.

3. Dry Cleaners

Ok, this is a bit misleading; we are not suggesting you go ‘au naturel’ and allow your fine piece of tailoring to somehow wash itself. What we are suggesting is to keep trips to the dry cleaners at a minimum.


Dry cleaning chemicals are harsh and can damage the suit's material if used too often. Instead of over-cleaning, use a lint roller to get rid of the hairs and bits of fluff your suit picks up throughout the day. Never have your suit pants and jacket cleaned separately as they may end up different colours if one is washed more often than the other.

P.S. Remember our tip about wire hangers? Throw away that wire hanger when you get home and hang your suit on a good quality, wooden hanger. Your suit (and your clothing budget) will thank you for the extra care.

4. Over-wear

Your suit is not like your run of the mill car used to get from A to B every day. No, your suit should be treated more like a Bentley; take it for a spin two or three times a week max. So, with this in mind, you should own at least three suits that can be worn to the office and rotated for maximum usage. Think about it, if you wear your suit less, it lasts longer. And we all like investments that last, right? Plain. Common. Sense.

5. the Wrong Luggage

Whether you travel rarely or frequently, at some stage, you’re going to have to pack your suit for a trip. Whether it’s traveling in the back of the car or in an overhead compartment, it deserves to be packed correctly.

The only way that’s going to happen is if you buy yourself a decent clothes bag specifically designed for a suit. Sorry, but folding it up in your suitcase just isn’t going to work, so you'll have to suck it up and spend the money; it's worth it to protect your investment in a quality suit.

If you’re guilty of these kinds of mistakes, then we're guessing your suit is probably worse for the wear. So, if you’re thinking of making an investment in style, why not check out our full range of tailor made suits before booking an appointment with us right here.

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