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Do You Know Why You Need to Dress Sharp?

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Simple accessories and attention to detail will create or destroy your appearance whether you wear business casual or a classic men's suit. If you want that important first impression to have maximum impact, the payoff is in the little details: shoes, accessories and personal grooming.

Inattention to details will ruin the effect of your tailor made men's suits or business casual outfits. Keep your accessories simple and clean, and youalways look sharp and well-dressed.


The perfect finishing touch for a dressy outfit? Match it with the right shoes. For example, dress shoes are perfect for formal occasions but inappropriate for casual wear.


Derby bluchers, slip-ons, or boots are better partners forcasual suits and other casual outfits. However, you can use loafers or Italian moccasins to enliven the same old outfit of trousers and business shirts. Leather tooling or “broguing” is perfect for business casual footwear.

Recommended Shoe Options

Lace-up shoes are staples in men's footwear. Black and dark brown are classic shoe colours because they are versatile and easy to match. You could, however, add a light brown pair of shoes for a day-to-day business casual look. Other color options include:

  • Reddish oxbloods
  • Suede/white bucks
  • Two-tone shoes

Rotate Wear

You should own enough shoes to rotate. Remember, ideally, each shoe needs to rest for a few days between wears. This strengthens the leather and make it more supple by expelling the excess moisture.

Proper Maintenance

Dust and polish your leather shoes regularly. Occasionally, consider conditioning them with leather creams or oils, but do use an appropriate cream depending on the type of leather.


Test the cream on the underside of the tongue or uppers before using it all over the shoe. This helps you determine whether or not the cream will alter the shoe colour.

Neckties and Pocket Squares

Neckties and pocket squares add variety to your outfits. Therefore, look at tie materials other than silk when accessorizing casual wear. For example, woven ties and knit wools are heavier and give you a relaxed appearance. It's best not to wear neckties made from synthetic materials as they don't age well and may look artificial or shiny.

Best Tie Knots

Wear knot styles to match your collar width and style. Wider collar spreads require thicker knots like the Windsor, while narrower collars are perfect for smaller knots such as the four-in-hand. Always create the dimple just below the knot. If you feel adventurous, wear a bowtie (if the occasion calls for it or if you just want to get noticed!


Pocket Squares

When wearing a jacket with a breast pocket, add a pocket square. Contrasting simplicity is usually the key here. A good fashion rule to follow is to match a colour in the square with a colour in some other part of your outfit such as your tie or shirt.

Clothing Maintenance

Never wear dirty, wrinkled or stained clothes. Always hang up your clothes after wearing them. Hang woollen jackets on wide suit hangers, rather than thin wire ones, to preserve their shape. Iron cotton clothes to remove the wrinkles; steam out the wrinkles in woollen clothes.


We recommend you only iron clean clothes. This is because using an iron on dirty clothes can press the dirt into the clothes permanently.Woollen suits and sweaters do not require dry cleaning after casual wear. Brush them after every wear and hang them up neatly after use.

Personal Grooming

Finally, if you're going to trouble of adorning yourself with the appropriate attire, it's worth it to spend some time on your grooming. Keep yourself as clean as your clothes. A good haircut and a clean shave or trim can make a world of difference. Trim your nails and excess body hair... if any!


Looking sharp takes more than dressing in expensive clothing, and you can see how important the small details may be. If you'd like help upgrading your image,book a private consultation with one of the style specialists of Montagio Custom Tailoring, and we will help you create your unique look and style.

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Original idea for article from Antonio Centeno, author of the internet's most actionable men's style guide. We recommend a read!


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