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How to Buy a Good Quality Tie in 5 Steps

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Buying a tie isn’t rocket science, so why do so many of us make a hash of this seemingly simple task? It may have something to do with the fact that many men view a tie as a finishing touch that requires a little less attention and care than the rest of the outfit. It’s a common trap to fall into, but once again we’re looking out for you. And so we’ve decided to share our experience and tell you how to spot a quality tie from a loosely stitched accident waiting to happen.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality tie, be sure to look out for a few telltale signs of how much work has gone into the ultimate suit accessory.

1. The fabric

A quality tie is usually made of either 100% pure silk or wool, and while blends of various materials can be found, it’s best to steer clear of any man-made fibers such as polyester. Don’t just trust the label on the tie, take the material in hand and if it feels luxurious and expensive, then it probably is.

2. The cut

A little test can easily determine whether the tie has been cut correctly on the bias. Simply pull the tie from both ends and if it wrinkles or ripples too much then it has been cut in such a way as to save the tailor or manufacturer a bit of extra cash. This test also tells you whether the shape of the tie is correct.

3. The recovery loop

That piece of thread that runs the length of the tie is often mistakenly presumed to be a tailoring mishap of some sort. But in fact it allows the tie to be pulled back into shape after wearing or washing and is usually only found in good quality ties.

4. The hang

There’s nothing worse than a tie that just won’t hang straight so before buying hold the tie where it would normally be knotted. If it hangs straight, you’re onto a winner whereas if it hangs crooked it’s a cheap knockoff.

5. The fit... and width!

As with menswear of any kind, the fit is the all-important aspect. As a general rule, like the lapel width of your jacket, your tie's width should be in proportion to your upper body width. Skinnier gents will generally look good in slimmer ties of 2-2.5" width (measured at the widest point). 3" is the standard while anything above 3" is considered of wider cut and looks good on larger and more portly folk.

But remember, it doesn’t matter how well it is crafted or how expensive the material is, if it doesn’t look good when it’s on, then it’s not worth buying. Would you buy a Porsche without first taking it for a spin? Of course not. So when purchasing your tie wear a dress shirt and give it a test drive. Any good store will allow this as a high-quality tie will return to its natural shape once unknotted.

As you may well know, we at Montagio place equal importance on each element of your outfit. From your socks right up to your tie-pin, every item plays its role in your overall look, and none should be regarded as a lesser component. Like a fine scotch requires a quality glass, a tailored suit requires an expertly crafted tie, so let us guide you through the process by dropping into our showroom for a chat.


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