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Wedding Planning 101: Why Hire a Wedding Suit Specialist ?

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Pulling together the perfect wedding can be a major stressor, but smart brides and grooms-to-be know that hiring professional help lowers their stress tremendously. By hiring a specialist to help you design and create a custom made suit for the groom, you can check at least one item off your list.

Most brides and/or grooms to-be hire some or all of the following professionals to manage specific task during the wedding process:

  • Wedding planners
  • Bakers
  • Photographers
  • DJ's or other entertainment specialists
  • Caterers
  • Decorators
  • Floral specialists
  • Professional dress-makers

Getting married is a team effort! An experienced team that understands their individual responsibilities and goals equals a successful team, and the end result is a great event.

weddingsuitstylesHowever, over the last year or so I attended a handful of weddings where the groom – I must say – either did not stand out at all because he was dressed quite ordinary or was the worst dressed person in the room!

Of course, when I see these ill-groomed men, I don't say anything, but I do think to myself, "Why did they spend thousands of dollars on the venue, food/drinks, and all the other service providers but skimp on their own outfit?"

What an awkward moment it might be when the bride and groom take out their wedding photos and realise the wedding suit the groom wore was either out-dated in style, poorly fitted, or did not suit his personality or body.

Ladies, avoid a major disaster. Please let us dress your man so he is picture perfect: the king of the day and his groomsmen!

What do you get when you hire a professional to design and tailor a suit for your wedding?

1. Styled to your shape

Of course, every man wants to look suave and sophisticated on his wedding day; to ensure this, choose a wedding suit in a style and colour to flatter your unique size and personality. A personal stylist should consider your body shape, height, and everyday style and personality when recommending fabrics and styling options.


Narrow lapels and pockets suit slimmer men, who could also opt for lighter shades for their wedding suits. Tall men might wear wider lapels and standard size pockets to detract emphasis away from their vertical longitude.

Larger men should stick to darker colours such as black or navy blue that are slimming; pinstripes work well, also, to create a slimming effect. At Montagio, our experts know all the necessary styling options that can be mixed and matched to suit your individual body shape, purpose, taste and personality.

2. Suit trends & styles

An event's time is a key factor in choosing a suit. For example, for a casual daytime wedding, there is no need for a tuxedo as a lighter coloured suit would do fine. Whereas, if you are planning an evening wedding reception, you might want to consider tailoring a tux with satin covered lapels and buttons to better suit the event's formality and tone.

weddingsuittrendsThe current trend for grooms is to wear lighter coloured wedding suits in less traditional colours such as cream or light grey with satin border work.

However, you can't go wrong if you wear a nice navy or dark grey as these colours are ideal for all seasons, while cream or white wedding suits are most appropriate for summer weddings.


Tans, camels and khakis are also popular colours for wedding suits, especially if you have a beach wedding in mind. However, for formal weddings, it is still customary to wear a dark tuxedo, bow-tie and waistcoat.

For inspiration, you can browse bridal magazines and websites, men's magazines like GQ, blogs like “The Urban Gentleman” or “The Sartorialist,”or pop into ourSydney showroom and pick our brains.

3. Get measured up

Have your suit stylist measure you for your suit jacket, trousers and vest, if you are going the 3-piece suit route. The stylist should take at least 15 different body measurements to make your fitted suit. Then, to avoid any embarrassing incidents like splitting your pants during your first dance, make sure you try on the wedding suit and all accessories a few weeks before the wedding to see if it all still fits.


Here's some additional points to keep in mind:

  • Wedding suit jackets should fit well while giving you a full range of motion.
  • A fitted suit may not work if you like a little more room in your suit, so go for a classic look in this case.
  • One finger, no more, should fit between the collar of your shirt and your neck.
  • If you are wearing a vest, make sure it has a full fabric back, so you still look good if you take jacket off (and so you don't look like the wait staff).
  • Pants should break over the shoe's instep.

For candid advice, consult an experienced Montagio style consultant, who can fit and supply a tailored suit for your biggest day. We'll help you navigate fabrics and trends anddesign you a unique suit from literally millions of combinations.

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