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Do You Actually Need a Designer Suit?

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When you think of designer suits, are the names Zegna, Armani or Hugo Boss top of mind? Do you dream of wearing designer suits? Consider this: wearing a perfectly fitted suit tailored to accentuate your body shape, skin tone and personality makes you look your confident best. Everything else, regardless of the label, is money wasted.

Designer suits

While subtle styling differences may emerge season-to-season, in general, the basic construction of designer suits has remained constant. The elements used to manufacture a good quality designer suit 20 to 30 years ago are still used to construct quality designer suits today.


For example, the design ofbusiness suits in the past 10 years or so was ruled by a trend toward single-breasted “slim fit suits” with thinner lapels and a 2-button jacket configuration; a style especially sought after by younger men. In fact, one button suit jackets are popular nowadays.

However, prior to this, the 90s trend was for 3-button jackets with wider lapels and a “relaxed” fit. And who can forget the generously sized suits of the 80s? Go back in time 25 years or more, and you would find double-breasted suits in the workplace. (Those same suits are making a comeback).

Construction Trumps Trends

Fast forward to today, and while the look of designer suits has changed considerably (think about breasting, the number of jacket buttons, the width of the lapels, the “slimness” of the overall fit and so on,) these are minor styling details.


What remains consistent is a good quality designer suit is always made of half or full canvas construction. It will be made of natural fibres like pure wool or cashmere with bemberg “silk” lining, and it will always be hand-stitched, not machine stitched. These are the timeless elements of a quality designer suit, regardless of brand or era.

So, setting aside labels, a designer suit is simply one by a designer brand manufacturer with styling and sizing details adjusted to the fashion of the day.

Beat the Designer suit trend

We all want to keep up-to-date and not be left behind, but constantly buying new high-priced designer suits is a costly exercise. To beat the “trend treadmill” and get the most out of each designer suit you buy, remember:

  • Quality designer suits are are tailored to fit you perfectly.
  • Well designed suits are are styled to accentuate your body shape, skin tone, and personality.
  • No designer suit will make you look good unless it fits you perfectly.
  • It's impossible for any designer suit to make you feel good unless it's made of good quality natural fibres.

Always select a designer suit with styling that matches your personality. Make a statement with design details like handcraft stitching, working cuffs, patterned linings, or satin trimmed lapels (for evening jackets).

What's the Alternative

If you're going to spend the money on a brand name, why not get something personally styled and uniquely tailored instead? Of course, we're talking about a tailor made suit. Getting your suit custom made by a local tailor is very affordable these days, and it puts you in complete control of your look. Most custom tailors offer expert advice on the style, colour and fit to suit you best.


They're also able to reproduce almost any designer suit look, so they achieve the latest Boss or Armani look without the hassles of shopping around or the inflated price tag.

At Montagio Custom Tailoring, we take the needs of each of our clients seriously and pride ourselves on turning out unique, perfectly fitting designs one at a time rather than churning out massive quantities of cookie cutter suits.

When you come in for your personal styling session, our staff will lead you through the process of choosing your fabric, selecting your design and style options, and taking your measurements. The only thing left for you to do is wait patiently while your custom made suit is created. We guarantee it will fit you like a glove.

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We tailor make mens suits, jackets and shirts for all occasions. Each garment is custom designed, precisely made-to-measure and is guaranteed to fit you perfectly. Unlike others, we offer you end-to-end service and a personalised styling session where we take the time to understand your needs to ensure you get the colour, style and fit you want.

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Simon Frazer

Montagio did a great job on wedding suits for me and my two groomsmen. Bally provided us with fantastic service and the result was definitely superior to an off-the-rack option... more »

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I have bought a total of 11 pieces custom made so far - quality and attention to detail is spectacular, material choice is broad and the input customers have in creating the exact look they want is a great experience... more »

Roy Soliman

I went back for another suit, a few shirts and some ties. Outstanding! I had so many complements on my new suit yesterday! more »

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