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5 Rules for Buying a Wedding Suit That You Don't Need to Follow

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The most important day of your life is fast approaching, and you have yet to decide what to wear. The seemingly endless streams of advice from your parents, your partner, your friends, and even your neighbour’s kid have you locked in a bout of indecision. You should do this, you shouldn’t do that; it’s all too much.

So it’s time to take a moment, step away from anyone involved in the wedding, and listen to some objective advice.

Rules are there for the breaking. This is your day, and there’s nothing you should or shouldn’t do if it affects your happiness. So with that in mind, here are the five most common ‘rules’ you really don’t need to follow at all.

Keep it understated

Now we’re not saying you shouldn’t go for an understated look (we do love it so), but you really don’t have to worry keeping it low key. Many will tell you this is the bride’s day, but we disagree.

Your wedding day is just as much about you as it is about your partner, you are a couple after all, right? Of course, it’s most gentlemanly to take your partner’s wishes into consideration, but remember your own too, and if you want that velvet suit (cringe) then go for it.

The truth is no matter what you wear (velvet suits aside), you will never upstage your partner.

Follow tradition

Tradition plays a huge role in any wedding. Whether it’s things we do for luck, customs and rituals we follow, or the clothes we wear, it seems tradition often dictates how the wedding day will go.

And while those customs give a nice sense of familiarity and security, this doesn’t need to extend to your suit. Many a man will tell you a true wedding suit should harken back to the days of old when men were men and used the same wax on their shoes as their moustaches. We’re not having any of that.

We like traditional wedding attire just as much as we do modern looks, but there’s no need to dress like your grandad did on his wedding day. All kinds of modern touches can bring a wedding suit into this century. Think alternative pocket squares, knitted ties, and you’re on the right track.

Wear a tuxedo

It’s the uniform of the groom, the uniform of the best man, the uniform of the.. well you get the idea. In our opinion, the tuxedo is a look of pure class, but that doesn’t mean you must wear one.

If you simply don’t fancy a tuxedo, then go right ahead and buy yourself that navy blue suit you know you’ll wear again throughout the year. It’s probably a better investment when you think about it like that.

Unless your ceremony and the following reception are extremely formal events, then there is no need at all to deck the groom’s party out in tuxedos. We do love them, though.

Take it seriously

Your wedding day is a day of celebration and joy and no matter how painstaking the planning process may be, enjoy yourself when you go shopping for your wedding suit. Remember this is supposed to be fun so you can reflect that in your choice of attire.

Now, we are by no means suggesting you go all out novelty, just that you don’t have to dress like you’re attending a funeral or a crunch business meeting with a particularly fussy client.

Let your personality shine through in your choice of clothing. And whether that’s through colours, patterns, or materials is entirely up to you, but whatever you decide, don’t allow yourself to fall into the ‘black is a safe bet’ mindset.

Match it up

‘They’re lovely flowers on the table, are they the same colour as the groom’s tie?” is something you don’t want to hear at your wedding. A groom may rue his decision to let his partner deal with everything when it becomes apparent that ‘everything’ entails a purple themed wedding.

Tying in colours in outfits to the surroundings can work, but it must be in an understated way (yes, we know what we said earlier). If it’s too obvious, the whole thing ends up looking less than impressive, and as a result, your suit loses any semblance of style that it may have once possessed.

Okay, before we finish up we’re going to hit you with the one golden rule that simply must not break; Stay true to yourself. Yep, we’re suckers for a feel-good ending.

And if you find yourself in the market for some incredibly stylish custom made wedding suits, then you’ll know exactly where to find us.


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