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3 PIECE SUITS Will Make You Look Absolutely Dapper

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Superman’s signature look? His custom made suit. When not wearing it, he blends into the crowd as just another guy. When he needs to be Superman, he whips off those dull duds and bam! A dapper looking superhero who makes the ladies swoon.

While we’re not advocating public stripping, we do want to share a trade secret: you can transform your image from just-another-suit in the crowd into corporate super hero by adding a 3-piece suit to your wardrobe. Here’s how to brand your own dapper look.

3 Piece Suits: Perfect for all

Contrary to popular belief, the 3 Piece Suit is no longer the dominion of those unhealthily obsessed with physical appearance and the pursuit of leisurely, less manly hobbies.

Instead, it is a practical, sophisticated choice for the gentleman who wishes to portray a look of understated elegance. Indeed, 3 Piece Suits are the perfect way to exude the aura that you know exactly what you're doing, at all times.


Simon Spurr shows off a Three Piece Suit on the catwalk of the world renowned fashion brand Bergdorf Goodman (gloves optional!).


Alfred Dunhill charcoal Three Piece Suit (gloves are an optional accessory again)

The Wall Street Journal recently posted an article about the increasing popularity of the Three Piece Suit:

"The three piece suit has been asserting itself with increasing frequency on designer runways, as well in the collections of traditionalists such as Hickey Freeman. They're now a fixture of men's fashion magazine spreads. And they're popping up more in pop culture, on celebs including Bradley Cooper and Usher, and on TV characters such as Roger Sterling of "Mad Men" and Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker) on "The Mentalist." They're even showing up on gangsters in HBO's period show "Boardwalk Empire."... The three piece suit makes a statement, literally, of one-upmanship in the dressing-up arms race."


Ralph Lauren pinstripe Three Piece Suit. The purple shirt, pocket square and pocket watch adds flair to the overall look.


Michael Bastian dressing down in a Three Piece Suit comprised of rolled up cashmere jacket, pants and vest in contrasting colour.

what is a 3 Piece Suit?

A 3 Piece Suit consists of a suit jacket, trousers, and vest (waistcoat) - with the vest, of course, being the distinguishing element. Most men opt for a vest made of the same outer fabric colour as the jacket and the trousers.


If you want to stand out a little more, choose a contrasting vest fabric colour or add accessories to express your individuality and flair. It all depends; do you want that "look at me" appearance or a more understated "I know what I want" presence?

Want to look like you just strutted off the fashion catwalk? Accessorise your Three Piece Suit with a pocket square, handcrafted, matching top stitching on the jacket's lapels and vest stitching, and gloves.


The vest makes a 3 Piece Suit so practical...

The vest, a simple, fairly inexpensive addition, is actually quite practical:

  • It can be worn separately without a jacket in less formal workplaces, and yes, it can take the place of a jacket but remember to keep the tie.
  • It provides extra warmth for colder weather.
  • It can be "dressed down" to create a smarter casual look with a crisp white shirt, dark jeans or chinos. When wearing vests, you can loosen or lose your tie altogether to show how casual you are.
  • It keeps the shirt and tie in place
  • Some say it even has a trimming effect

How to wear your 3 Piece Suit

Here's a few fashion for rules for sporting your 3 Piece Suit:

  • The vest should be long enough to hit your waistband and show a bit of belt buckle
  • Your tie never, ever hangs out!
  • Don't close the bottom button of your vest (just like you never close the bottom button of your suit jacket)
  • Never wear the vest totally unbuttoned
  • Try to wear your suit jacket unbuttoned to show off your vest
  • Select a 2 button suit jacket (instead of a 3 button), so that the elongated "V" of the 2 button jacket leaves more room to show off your vest.

Final word

So whoever thought a 3 Piece Suit was just for dandies? Tailored to perfection and worn with confidence, a Montagio custom tailored 3 Piece suit is sure to have you looking and feeling your best. Why notpop over to our showroom today and browse the wide range of available suiting fabrics? One of our experts would be happy to help you choose just the right fabric for your new custom made suit.

Image Credits: © Curaphotography | Dreamstime.com © Fashionstock .com | Dreamstime.com


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