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How to Rock a Double Breasted Suit

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While men’s suits can either be single or double-breasted, the single-breasted style is the most common. However, is it preferable? After all, in a sea of similar looking single-breasted suits, you'll stand out in your sharp double-breasted style! Here's the reasons why we think a double-breasted suit is the more formal, professional choice.

There's more than one type of men's business suits, each with its own personality, advantages and disadvantages. Single and double-breasted suits come in a wide range of fabrics, patterns and colours and many times, the choice between one style or the other comes down to a matter of preference. Other elements, however, may factor in as well.


For example, it's easier to get a good fit in a single breasted suit, and it is perceived as more versatile because you can wear it more often. However, don't discount the double-breasted suit too quickly because if you're the guy who loves being the center of attention, this snappy style was made for you.


Here's a look at the pros and cons of both so you can decide which is best for your needs.

Disadvantages: Double-Breasted Jacket

  • The extra layer of fabric across the front and the two rows of buttons on a double-breasted jacket can make a smaller man feel dwarfed.
  • The jacket covers the entire chest area of those with narrow shoulders and torsos; the tie and shirt are barely visible.
  • The bulk of a double-breasted jacket can make short men feel shorter.
  • The double-breasted jacket is less versatile than the single-breasted jacket because it is more formal.
  • It can only be worn with a conservative business shirt and a necktie.
  • It has to stay buttoned while being worn, making it uncomfortable in hot conditions because of its double-ply front.

Advantages: Double-Breasted Jacket

  • It enhances the wearer's style without attracting undue attention.
  • Tailor made men's suits with a double-breasted jacket look more elegant.
  • The length, gorge height, button stance, and lapel roll can be selected to enhance the wearer's body type and personality.
  • Its peak lapels give it a superior air of refinement.
  • The original style of double-breasted jackets is six buttons with two to close, which works well for taller men. The four to six button varieties are better for shorter men.
  • The long, diagonal lines of lapels rolling to below the waist give the impression of enhanced height in addition to downplaying width – especially when it is draped from broad shoulders.

Double-Breasted Suit Accessories

Wearing a double-breasted suit without neckwear is a fashion blunder. Always wear them with bow ties or neckties.


A necktie's width is always determined by the jacket's lapel. Since average lapel widths range from 3.375 – 4.25 inches, a necktie within the width range of four inches is a safe bet. However, since the jacket conceals most of the tie, the tie's knot will stand out. Therefore, take care to compress the knot to form a strong, inverted ‘V'. Otherwise, since the tie's knot is close to your face, it's a visible blunder that won't go unnoticed.

Select a pocket handkerchief carefully because it is conveying a message to others. A pocket square is a more powerful and noticeable accessory when worn on a double-breasted jacket because of the reduced visibility of the shirt and tie.

Double-breasted suits are a boon to those who are tall and broad-shouldered. While every man will own and wear single-breasted jackets, double-breasted jackets keep you connected to tradition while enhancing the fashionable options in your wardrobe.

If you've never experienced the debonair look of a double-breasted jacket, you've been cheating yourself in the fashion department. Stop by our Sydney showroom to browse some styles for inspiration orschedule a private consultation with one of our style experts.

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