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Do You Know How to Pick the Best Suit Colour for You?

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Ah, those all important first impressions! They can: seal a deal or spell its doom; cement a relationship or irreparably shatter it.

Given the importance, you want to choose your suit colour carefully. Some colours are suitable for almost any occasion, while others look glaringly out of place. Here’s our expert tips to help you make the smartest choices.

Staple Suits

If you rarely wear suits, or only wear them to mandatory events, your suit needs to be an acceptable, all-purpose colour. Black, navy blue or charcoal gray are always appropriate and won't make you feel out of place, whatever the occasion.


Keeping an array of traditional suits in your wardrobe ensures an elegant, stylish look if you have to wear suits regularly. Since they can usually last for years, even decades, classically styled suits are a smarter choice than those styled to designer fads and trends.

When selecting your suit colour, make your choice based on:

  • Individual colouring
  • Skin tone
  • Hair and eye colour
  • Personality

Classic Shades

Charcoal gray, black, and navy blue are the traditional colours for men's business suits.


Your wardrobe should always include a varied assortment of these suit colours, which can be worn in almost any situation.

  • Charcoal Gray: This is a great colour for young men as it doesn't accentuate youth like navy blue does. Extremely versatile as a colour, it can be paired with either black or brown elements depending on the shade of gray.
  • Black: A black suit projects a sense of authority.
  • Navy Blue: Navy blue is an elegant, traditional colour and makes an excellent choice. Further, navy blue suits are the formal suit of choice for most men.

Any of these shades can be found in pinstriped or self-striped fabric, although the presence of a pattern tones down the fabric's formality. However, whether solid or patterned, these suits can be worn at all business functions.

skin Tones and Hair Colours

While traditional suit colours are viable options for nearly all complexions, they might not work for high-contrast individuals. People with dark hair and fair skin or those with dark skin tones should be careful when selecting a suit colour because the wrong suit colour could mute their features or even make them disappear.

Fair complexioned, dark-haired men need to opt for dark, rich suits that frame their light features between the jacket and their hair. Wearing light-coloured suits, such as pale grays and tans, will diminish their features.


Darker skinned men can select dark or light-coloured suits depending on their particular skin tone. For men with very dark toned complexions, a dark suit with a light-coloured shirt provides excellent contrast. For men having medium-toned complexions, a muted shirt and tie with a dark suit will give them a warm look. For men having a light-toned complexion, light-coloured suits in earth-tones will harmonise well with their complexion.

Whether you are buying your first suit or adding one to a well-rounded wardrobe, we'd love to help you suit up in style with just the right colour and styling options to suit your personality. You can schedule a private consultation session or pop into our Sydney showroom at your convenience.

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