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Do You Know How Your Suit Should Fit?

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When it comes to men’s clothing, good fit = good look, right? However, how do you distinguish between tailored fit, perfect fit, or bespoke fit and pick the right one for your body shape? While it’s true we all possess a unique shape, in the realm of custom clothing, it comes down to the skill of your tailor and a matter of inches – well, ¼” really!

Ah, the elusive perfectly fitting suit - sought after by most, but often experienced by only a few. Many elements must to come together to achieve the perfect fit. Because no two men have the same body shape, what fits you well may not fit your best mate.

The Problem

Because they have never owned one, many men don't know what a good fitting suit feels like. So they rely on a slick salesperson who tells them they are getting a good fit. The truth?

Whether it is a business suit, formal suit or casual suit, a well-fitted one fits like the proverbial glove - sliding smoothly over the curvature of the body and accentuating your positive features while minimising the negative ones.

Were You Misinformed?

You know deep down the fit is not right, but like many others, you just buy the suit anyway and then regret your decision, while discussing how to pinch in here and let out there with your alterations tailor. Sure, the end result is a suit that fits better than before, but now you've paid a higher cost for what was really an inferior product.

This is the all-too-common story for most men's suits. However, with a little education on how a men's suit should fit, the process is more enjoyable, and more importantly, you end up owning a suit to flatter your body shape and to turn heads for the right reasons.

What is a Good Fit?

Firstly, let's decipher terms such as tailored fit, perfect fit, ideal fit, and bespoke fit as these are all marketing terms used to convince you one shop's suits will fit you better than another's will fit.

Heck, we use the term "perfect fit" all the time because that's what we promise. However, it's really just meaningless marketing jargon if the finished product doesn't live up to your expectations.

So here's how to ignore the marketing spin and learn how a suit should fit you. Obviously, your personal preferences come into play, as many men like a slightly longer jacket or trouser length, but at the end of the day, if you follow the basics set out below, you can't go wrong.

A Picture's Worth 1,000 Words



Some men get lucky. These rare individuals get a great fitting suit off the rack or only require a few alterations. Or do they really?

What actually happens is that because these men don't know what a good fit is for them, they settle for what the salesperson or alterations tailor tells them. In reality, neither are usually well versed in current suit styles and trends, so they tell you whatever they need to so they can maximise their profits.

Would you like some expert advice on how your suit should fit (especially if you have a difficult to fit body shape)? Just contact our mens suit consultants. We're always happy to help you get into the best fitting suit you have ever owned. That's our promise!


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