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Do You Know How to Dress for Sales Meetings?

Have you ever felt suspicious or wary of someone who's making a pitch to you because their appearance did not give you a sense of trust? Wearing the wrong clothes to a sales meeting can cost you a sale. Here's what you need to know to crack that deal and meet your sales targets every time. more »

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29 Dec 2013

How to Dress for Meetings - Introduction

Does the way you dress for a meeting influence its outcome? If you think it does, you'll love to learn these new techniques for dressing to influence those you meet, before you say a single word. Your appearance and body language will win you half the battle; you'll have to win the rest of it by yourself. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

25 Dec 2013

How To Look Sharp While Traveling the World

While traveling is a more casual occasion today, you can still set yourself apart from the crowd by dressing smartly. Use these tips to familiarise yourself with the characteristics of stylish travel clothing and their essentials, and you’ll turn heads no matter what your mode of transportation. more »

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16 Dec 2013

How to Actually Layer Clothes to Keep Warm

Which keeps you warmer in cold weather, one thick jacket or several thinner layers of clothing? Surprisingly, several layers of thin garments beats a solitary jacket for keeping you warm. Here's the nuances of layering your clothes to keep warm and stylish when the weather turns frigid. more »

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08 Dec 2013

Do You Know How to Rock Your Summer Style?

Natural fibres and loose-fitting clothes paired with appropriate shoes and head gear will keep you cool in the hottest conditions. Learn how to balance your summer outfits based on the weather and avoid breaking into a sweat, even as others around you perspire freely. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

07 Dec 2013

Men's Summer Style Essentials: Shirts and Jackets

It seems like you’ve just nailed the basics of dressing smartly when life hands you a curve ball – summertime heat. While you still want to channel that sharp, sartorial style you’ve worked so hard to cultivate, you’d like to feel cool and comfortable as well. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

30 Nov 2013

How to Dress for a First Date

You know dressing appropriately for that first date is vital, but you may be unsure of exactly how to go about it. Here's the lowdown on what to wear to make sure the first impression is not the last impression. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

21 Nov 2013

What to Wear to Funerals

Typically, funerals are solemn occasions, and they have a dress code all their own. Here's a simple guide to decoding the mystery of what to wear at funerals to make sure you project the proper image. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

10 Nov 2013

Do You Know What to Wear to Religious Services?

Men, when you visit a place of worship or a place of religious significance, whether as believers or as guests, always show respect for others and their beliefs as well as for yourself. Do this by following the unstated dress code and not dressing below it. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

06 Nov 2013

Party Hard: Best Outfit Ideas for Receptions and Parties

Formal, semi-formal, business casual or casual - who can remember all those dress codes? Deciding if certain events are formal or casual is not as simple as one could wish. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

29 Oct 2013

What to Wear the First Week on the Job

The first week on the job is the start of your corporate career. It is the perfect time to make impressions, to learn the subtle nuances behind office dress codes, and to ensure you fit in. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

21 Oct 2013

What Should I Wear on a First Date?

Ah, the sweet dilemma of what to wear on the first date! Should you opt for the security of a tailor made suit, or venture into uncharted waters with a more casual look? more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

16 Oct 2013

The Guy's Guide to Graduation Attire: Keeping It Simple

Graduation ceremonies have specific dress codes regardless of whether you attend as a guest or a participant. Respect the efforts underlying yours or others achievements by learning about the significance of the event and picking a suitable outfit to show your respect and good manners. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

07 Oct 2013

Do You Know What to Wear When You are Invited to a Wedding?

Being invited to a wedding is a big deal. Since it is a special day for two individuals as well as their respective families, you need to dress smartly to show respect yet in a manner that does not overshadow the bridegroom. Here's how to crack the code on wedding attire for male guests whether the invitation specifies a dress code or not. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

05 Oct 2013

Cracking the Dress Codes for Men's Attire

Do dress codes make you feel confused and hot under the collar? Is it annoying to try to decipher invitations and figure out what sort of outfit is appropriate for which occasion? No worries, here's the essential information you need on various dress codes such as Black Tie, Black Tie Optional, Semi-formal, Business Casual and Casual. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

25 Sep 2013

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