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January 2014

Are You Getting the Best Fit in Your Men's Clothes?

We all know making a good first impression is based on your appearance; how your clothes fit determines whether you look sharp and confident or awkward and juvenile. Wearing ill-fitting clothes is the number one fashion mistake men make, but it’s easy to correct. Here’s our solution. more »

Section: Gentlemanly Pursuits - Blog

26 Jan 2014

Do You Need to Know How to Dress for Business Meetings?

Navigating your way through dress codes for different occasions can be risky. While you want to nail it and stand out from the crowd, you don’t want to miss the mark by being over or under-dressed. Need some help? Here’s our advice for this complex problem. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

23 Jan 2014

How to Dress for Success: Casual Meetings

You know the importance of dressing to impress, and you’d never show up to meetings – even casual ones - dressed in shorts and flip flops, would you? But, picking the right ensemble for casual meetings is harder than getting dressed for daily work because the dress code rules are vague. Here’s how to look dapper without looking dressed down. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

14 Jan 2014

How to Dress for Success: Support Meeting

Support meetings - think funerals, wakes or religious services - have rigid dress codes, but while you don't have to be decked out in all black, your attire must convey respect. You should wear dark, unobtrusive clothing so as not to spoil the occasion for others. Here's some guidelines to help you make the best choices. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

05 Jan 2014

How to Dress for Success: Buying Meeting

You know how important your clothing is career wise; first impressions count big! However, do you attach the same value to your attire as the customer? Whether you make a small retail purchase or a major investment in vehicles or real estate, are your clothes shouting louder than your words? Lure those lucrative bargains your way by dressing appropriately for buy meetings. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

01 Jan 2014

Simon Frazer

Montagio did a great job on wedding suits for me and my two groomsmen. Bally provided us with fantastic service and the result was definitely superior to an off-the-rack option... more »

Kiran Dosanjh

I have bought a total of 11 pieces custom made so far - quality and attention to detail is spectacular, material choice is broad and the input customers have in creating the exact look they want is a great experience... more »

Roy Soliman

I went back for another suit, a few shirts and some ties. Outstanding! I had so many complements on my new suit yesterday! more »

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