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July 2014

Do You Know How to Pick the Best Men's Business Shirts?

Men’s business shirts are button-up shirts with collars and long sleeves designed to wear with a suit or sports jacket, either with or without a tie. Sound boring and humdrum? more »

Section: Essential Men's Business Shirts - Blog

18 Jul 2014

How to Look Amazing in a Navy Blue Blazer

You'd be hard pressed to find a wardrobe item as versatile as a navy blue blazer. We’re referring to the classic single-breasted navy wool coat with brass, horn or plastic buttons, of course. more »

Section: Men's Sport Jackets & Blazers - Blog

16 Jul 2014

How to Choose the Perfect Blazer Jacket

What does the well-dressed man wear when he wants to make an impression but doesn’t want to wear a suit? The traditional choice is a blazer, which is also called an odd jacket because it doesn’t have a pair of matching trousers. It’s a hard working wardrobe item that can be paired with jeans for dressing down or odd trousers for a dressy look. If you don’t already own one, you’re limiting your wardrobe options and style. more »

Section: Men's Sport Jackets & Blazers - Blog

12 Jul 2014

What's the Difference Between a Sports Jacket and a Suit Jacket?

While they look similar and share some common features, suit jackets and sports coats are not equal or interchangeable. Each performs a vital service for your wardrobe. One is more formal and paired with matching trousers. The other (also called an odd jacket) is designed to mix and match with odd trousers and casual slacks for an informal look. Here’s how to tell them apart. more »

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06 Jul 2014

Do You Know When to Wear A Sports Coat?

Because men’s sports coats are more casual than blazers or suits, it is likely your garment of choice for business casual or informal social events. Its stylish, relaxed aura bridges the wardrobe gap of formal and business only attire. Here's our advice on rocking your sport coat. more »

Section: Men's Sport Jackets & Blazers - Blog

03 Jul 2014

Do You Know Why You Need a Sports Coat?

Your sports coat is probably the hardest working garment in your wardrobe because of its versatility. Less formal than a suit, but dressier than most casual outfits, you can wear it almost anywhere and exude an air of authority yet transform your look instantly by simply taking it off. more »

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01 Jul 2014

Never bought custom made before?

Wondering what all the hype is about? Here's why you'll never go back to off-the-rack:

How It Works

About Montagio

Named in GQ Magazine's "Best Tailors" list, and the highest reviewed tailor on Google, Montagio has paved the way for discerning men to get suited up with style. We offer a truly personalised experience, specialising in custom designed, perfectly fitted suits, shirts, coats, and shoes for for business, weddings, formal and casual events. Our showrooms are visually packed with designs that inspire plus thousands of fabric options, making it easy for you to get the look you want. Our expert stylists will advise and professionally fit you and frankly won’t let you walk out until we’ve tailored your perfect garment. Since 2010, we have custom tailored looks for thousands of happy customers. To experience the same red-carpet service, book your personal appointment today.

Steve Fambo

Hats off to the team at Montagio Custom Tailoring Sydney. I was immediately impressed once I stepped into their boutique showroom... more »

Scott Lasak

The suit and shirts I received were terrific and much better quality than ones I've found in stores off the rack. I would absolutely recommend them... more »

Yun Zhi Lin

I would highly recommend Montagio for anyone else planning a wedding or looking for a trendy tailor made suit... more »

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