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Do You Know How to Spot a Cheap Suit?

We’ve all fallen into that too-good-to-be-true trap. You spot a bargain so unbelievable that...well, you know how it goes. If we’re honest, we all have a horror suit in the back of the wardrobe. To avoid making that mistake again, check out our cheat sheet for telling the Yugos from the Bentleys when it comes to suit shopping. more »

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17 Nov 2014

Do You Know How Your Suit Should Fit?

When it comes to men’s clothing, good fit = good look, right? However, how do you distinguish between tailored fit, perfect fit, or bespoke fit and pick the right one for your body shape? While it’s true we all possess a unique shape, in the realm of custom clothing, it comes down to the skill of your tailor and a matter of inches – well, ¼” really! more »

Section: Essential Men's Suit Guide - Blog

29 Oct 2014

Do You Know How to Flatter Your Skin Tone?

In our experience, most people notice the colour of a man’s business shirt before they notice his suit. So, if you want to stand out, not blend into, the crowd, your shirt colour is critical. However, how do you match those colours with your skin tone? The way you mix and match clothing colours can make or break that crucial first impression so be sure to heed these tips. more »

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14 Sep 2014

Do You Choose Your Business Shirts with the Season in Mind?

Which accessory gives your wardrobe budget the most bang for the buck? If you guessed shirts, you'd be spot on. Changing out your shirt patterns, fabrics and colours seasonally is an inexpensive, no-brainer way to keep your wardrobe fashionable at any time of the year. more »

Section: Essential Men's Business Shirts - Blog

05 Sep 2014

What Fabrics Should I Choose for My Custom Shirts?

Have you ever heard the old saying about "losing your shirt?" This saying refers to someone who lost their money through bad investments, extravagant spending, or other foolish means. more »

Section: Essential Men's Business Shirts - Blog

27 Aug 2014

Can the Perfect Shirt Cuffs Energize Your Image?

Let's face it. While you'd like to think your dapper appearance is catching every eye, the truth is it's the tiny details that attract attention. So, when you wear a suit, the most visible details are your shirt collar, cuffs and ties. more »

Section: Essential Men's Business Shirts - Blog

16 Aug 2014

Do You Know How to Choose Your Shirt Collar Style?

Your shirt collar frames your face, but you probably knew that. However, did you know that regardless of what you wear, your shirt collar is a focal point and a key element of your overall appearance? more »

Section: Essential Men's Business Shirts - Blog

08 Aug 2014

Do You Know How to Pick the Best Men's Business Shirts?

Men’s business shirts are button-up shirts with collars and long sleeves designed to wear with a suit or sports jacket, either with or without a tie. Sound boring and humdrum? more »

Section: Essential Men's Business Shirts - Blog

18 Jul 2014

How to Look Amazing in a Navy Blue Blazer

You'd be hard pressed to find a wardrobe item as versatile as a navy blue blazer. We’re referring to the classic single-breasted navy wool coat with brass, horn or plastic buttons, of course. more »

Section: Men's Sport Jackets & Blazers - Blog

16 Jul 2014

How to Choose the Perfect Blazer Jacket

What does the well-dressed man wear when he wants to make an impression but doesn’t want to wear a suit? The traditional choice is a blazer, which is also called an odd jacket because it doesn’t have a pair of matching trousers. It’s a hard working wardrobe item that can be paired with jeans for dressing down or odd trousers for a dressy look. If you don’t already own one, you’re limiting your wardrobe options and style. more »

Section: Men's Sport Jackets & Blazers - Blog

12 Jul 2014

What's the Difference Between a Sports Jacket and a Suit Jacket?

While they look similar and share some common features, suit jackets and sports coats are not equal or interchangeable. Each performs a vital service for your wardrobe. One is more formal and paired with matching trousers. The other (also called an odd jacket) is designed to mix and match with odd trousers and casual slacks for an informal look. Here’s how to tell them apart. more »

Section: Men's Sport Jackets & Blazers - Blog

06 Jul 2014

Do You Know When to Wear A Sports Coat?

Because men’s sports coats are more casual than blazers or suits, it is likely your garment of choice for business casual or informal social events. Its stylish, relaxed aura bridges the wardrobe gap of formal and business only attire. Here's our advice on rocking your sport coat. more »

Section: Men's Sport Jackets & Blazers - Blog

03 Jul 2014

Do You Know Why You Need a Sports Coat?

Your sports coat is probably the hardest working garment in your wardrobe because of its versatility. Less formal than a suit, but dressier than most casual outfits, you can wear it almost anywhere and exude an air of authority yet transform your look instantly by simply taking it off. more »

Section: Men's Sport Jackets & Blazers - Blog

01 Jul 2014

How to Rock a Double Breasted Suit

While men’s suits can either be single or double-breasted, the single-breasted style is the most common. However, is it preferable? After all, in a sea of similar looking single-breasted suits, you'll stand out in your sharp double-breasted style! Here's the reasons why we think a double-breasted suit is the more formal, professional choice. more »

Section: Essential Men's Suit Guide - Blog

28 Jun 2014

Do You Know How to Wear a Waistcoat?

The vest, or waistcoat, is making a comeback. However, if you want to rock this trendy style, you need to know how to do it properly. We're sharing our insider secrets with you! more »

Section: Essential Men's Suit Guide - Blog

18 Jun 2014

Do You Know How to Rock a Three Piece Suit?

Why do you need a three-piece suit? If you want to master the art of sophisticated fashion, the three-piece suit is your ticket to success. You’ll also join the ranks of celebrities like Jamie Foxx, Zac Efron, and Colin Farrell, who know how to rock a three-piece suit and always look good, period. more »

Section: Essential Men's Suit Guide - Blog

09 Jun 2014

How to Choose the Best Suit Fabric

Few things compare to the feeling of comfort and confidence of slipping into a bespoke suit; however, there is a process involved in getting to that final step. You can't just pop into your tailor's showroom and walk out with a suit. more »

Section: Essential Men's Suit Guide - Blog

07 Jun 2014

Do You Know How to Choose the Best Men's Suit Fabrics?

Men’s suits made from patterned or textured fabrics look extremely interesting. While most of these are considered less formal than solid-coloured suits, they do have a legitimate place in the well-dressed man’s clothing arsenal. more »

Section: Essential Men's Suit Guide - Blog

31 May 2014

Do You Know How to Pick the Best Suit Colour for You?

Ah, those all important first impressions! They can: seal a deal or spell its doom; cement a relationship or irreparably shatter it. more »

Section: Essential Men's Suit Guide - Blog

24 May 2014

Tailoring Details: The Finer Points of Quality Men's Suits

A perfectly fitted and styled suit flatters the wearer and imbues him with power and confidence. However, creating that illusive garment requires more attention to detail than picking fabric and choosing a design. more »

Section: Essential Men's Suit Guide - Blog

17 May 2014

Style Guide: Men's Suit Jackets

The cornerstone of a man’s wardrobe is the suit, of course. The suit’s personality is defined by its jacket. The fit, the style, and the finishing details work together to produce an extraordinary look. Here’s an in-depth look at the suit jacket’s creation process. more »

Section: Essential Men's Suit Guide - Blog

13 May 2014

What Every Man Needs to Know About Mens' Suits

Not all two button jackets are the same, and there are many degrees of differences in lapels, pockets and other suit features. Throw in a few surgeon cuffs and sprinkle on some bespoke tailoring jargon, and it can seem complex and confusing. Here’s our guide to making it easy to know your men’s suit – inside and out. more »

Section: Essential Men's Suit Guide - Blog

07 May 2014

How to Clean Men's Clothing to Extend Its Useful Life

Many people dump their clothes into the washing machine after wearing them.Others rely on hand washing, especially for smaller stains. While this might work for some items, it's not the best choice for all clothing. Here's three important facts about how to clean your clothes to protect your monetary investment and extend their wearable life. more »

Section: Tailoring and Clothing Maintenance - Blog

01 May 2014

6 Tips You Shouldn't Ignore About Taking Care of Your Clothes

You’ve invested some serious bucks in building an impressive men’s wardrobe. However, if you don’t store and maintain those garments properly, you’ll lose money on your investment, and your appearance will suffer. Here’s everything you need to know from the best hangers to the importance of shoes trees to valuable clothing care tips. more »

Section: Tailoring and Clothing Maintenance - Blog

24 Apr 2014

How to Take Care of Your Suit: 4 Tips You Need Right Now

If you want a suit that always looks crisp and sharp, never wrinkly or rumpled, you’ll have to invest some time in its care and maintenance. While it requires some effort on your part, spending a little time on your suit after every use helps extend its life. more »

Section: Tailoring and Clothing Maintenance - Blog

16 Apr 2014

Men's Clothing Guide: Benefits of Proper Clothing Care

While purchasing disposable items is a popular fad, it doesn't make economic sense when it comes to business garments like men's suits. Investing in high quality suits that will give you years of service is a smart move. Here's some tips for protecting your investment. more »

Section: Tailoring and Clothing Maintenance - Blog

09 Apr 2014

Quick Tips for Dealing With Weight Fluctuations and Men's Clothing

It can be challenging to dress sharp and feel confident when you’re dealing with weight fluctuations. If your clothes fit too loosely, you may feel sloppy and ill-dressed. However, too tight clothing not only constricts your movements and comfort; it can restrict your mood and performance as well. Here’s some quick tips for dealing with weight loss or gain so you can look and feel great all the time. more »

Section: Tailoring and Clothing Maintenance - Blog

04 Apr 2014

You Need to Know How to Choose A Tailor

When it comes to men's suitings and being sharply dressed, fit is king. However, just like most rulers have skilled staff members working behind the scenes to make them look good at all times, the well-dressed man needs a skilled worker in his corner as well. Enter. The. Tailor. Here's everything you need to pick the best person for the job. more »

Section: Tailoring and Clothing Maintenance - Blog

25 Mar 2014

Do You Know How to Actually Iron a Business Shirt?

Making a good first impression is a must in today's competitive business environment, and attention to detail gives you an edge. While a wrinkled business shirt is noticed by most and may make a negative impression, well- pressed clothes announces to the world you are a man of discipline and order. Unbelievably, you can iron a shirt in less than five minutes using the following techniques. more »

Section: Tailoring and Clothing Maintenance - Blog

19 Mar 2014

Super Easy Tips for Getting Clothing Altered Properly

If you’re wondering why you should bother with having your clothing altered, remember how crucial that first impression is. Pants or jacket sleeves that are too long or loose, baggy clothing looks slovenly. Here’s some super easy ways to get a proper fit. more »

Section: Tailoring and Clothing Maintenance - Blog

12 Mar 2014

When and How to Dry Clean Your Clothes

Dry cleaning is convenient, and keeps clothing clean and ready to wear, but it isn’t always the smartest maintenance method. Excessive cleaning with harsh chemicals can shorten a garment's wearable lifespan, which means buying replacements more frequently. Here’s our recommendations for when, where and how to clean your clothes to protect your investment. more »

Section: Tailoring and Clothing Maintenance - Blog

03 Mar 2014

Do You Know Why You Need to Dress Sharp?

Simple accessories and attention to detail will create or destroy your appearance whether you wear business casual or a classic men's suit. If you want that important first impression to have maximum impact, the payoff is in the little details: shoes, accessories and personal grooming. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

24 Feb 2014

Do You Know How to Layer Your Clothes?

It’s hard to dress sharp in a wide range of temperatures without freezing or layering up like Bibendum, aka the Michelin Man. But, if you know the rules of layering and own a few essential garments, you’ll set yourself up for sartorial success. Stay warm and fashionable while putting your unique spin on your style with these tips. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

22 Feb 2014

How to Spot Quality in Men's Clothing

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten,” according to Benjamin Franklin. If your wardrobe is full of cheap clothing, you may suffer more than the bitter regret of money ill spent. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

11 Feb 2014

How to Improve Your Business Casual Wardrobe

Is it time to give your business casual wardrobe a makeover? Is your closet flooded with rows and rows of boring blue and white business shirts and khaki trousers? if you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then it’s time to infuse your wardrobe with some verve and panache. more »

Section: Gentlemanly Pursuits - Blog

06 Feb 2014

Are You Getting the Best Fit in Your Men's Clothes?

We all know making a good first impression is based on your appearance; how your clothes fit determines whether you look sharp and confident or awkward and juvenile. Wearing ill-fitting clothes is the number one fashion mistake men make, but it’s easy to correct. Here’s our solution. more »

Section: Gentlemanly Pursuits - Blog

26 Jan 2014

Do You Need to Know How to Dress for Business Meetings?

Navigating your way through dress codes for different occasions can be risky. While you want to nail it and stand out from the crowd, you don’t want to miss the mark by being over or under-dressed. Need some help? Here’s our advice for this complex problem. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

23 Jan 2014

How to Dress for Success: Casual Meetings

You know the importance of dressing to impress, and you’d never show up to meetings – even casual ones - dressed in shorts and flip flops, would you? But, picking the right ensemble for casual meetings is harder than getting dressed for daily work because the dress code rules are vague. Here’s how to look dapper without looking dressed down. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

14 Jan 2014

How to Dress for Success: Support Meeting

Support meetings - think funerals, wakes or religious services - have rigid dress codes, but while you don't have to be decked out in all black, your attire must convey respect. You should wear dark, unobtrusive clothing so as not to spoil the occasion for others. Here's some guidelines to help you make the best choices. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

05 Jan 2014

How to Dress for Success: Buying Meeting

You know how important your clothing is career wise; first impressions count big! However, do you attach the same value to your attire as the customer? Whether you make a small retail purchase or a major investment in vehicles or real estate, are your clothes shouting louder than your words? Lure those lucrative bargains your way by dressing appropriately for buy meetings. more »

Section: Dressing for the Occasion - Blog

01 Jan 2014

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