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How to Lose and Still Win at Dressing down Your Suit

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Wearing a custom tailored suit is a heady feel - it fits like a second skin, moving sleekly with your body without constricting you. Sure, it was expensive, and you'd like to get as much wear out of it as possible. But aside from the office and the odd social event every few months, where else could you wear it? Can you really wear it to the pub without looking like some flash guy who’s got a pay rise and wants the world to know? Well, the answer to is a resounding yes. By dressing down that suit, you can wear it practically anywhere. Here’s how you do it.

Lose the tie

Ok, so this tip is not what it might seem. If you have visions of waltzing into the office or your mate’s barbecue with your shirt opened to your midriff then…A. you’ve got style issues and B. you’re totally not getting this.

One of the latest sartorial trends is to slightly dress down your suit with a tieless buttoned up shirt. It’s a hint of individuality that still looks smart. And while it might take time to get used to, it’s undoubtedly a great look.



Lose the shirt

Right, we could totally lose control of this if we’re not careful, but once again, this is not what it seems. Replace your shirt with a sweatshirt to create a casual look that oozes class and a smidgen of sophistication. But be careful what type of sweatshirt you choose because oversized branding is a bit much so keep it simple. Finish the look with a pair of dress boots or better still, a pair of runners.

Lose the shoes

Yes, we are totally going to recommend you try wearing a high-end pair of runners with your favourite custom made suit. Forget the old shelltoes you wear to the club and definitely don’t try the gym shoes you slip into when you want to look like you know what you’re doing down at the local fitness centre. What you need is a pair of top quality running shoes that makes your inner Scrooge wince at the price tag.


Lose the jacket

We’re assuming you are a man of sartorial savviness and as such have managed to add at least three finely tailored suits to your wardrobe. By swapping jackets, you’ll be following a trend that the Italians initiated and now call Spezzato, which involves matching components of different coloured suits with each other. With three suits, you have quite a few combinations at your disposal and can wear a new look every day of the week.


Lose the shirt (again)

This time, replace it with a T-shirt. Now this is where the muddy waters of men’s style can sink your ship, so take care. As with the sweater, stick with a block colour, steer clear of patterns (they’re for the masters of dressing down) and put that old band shirt down before someone gets hurt.


Lose the cotton (or silk)

You know that business shirt we've told you to ditch - twice? Well, time to replace it again, but this time with a shirt made of a material normally associated with casual clothing. A denim or flannel shirt could work well but only without a tie. It’ll add plenty of texture and character to your look and is certainly something out of left field.



So now that you know what you should lose maybe it’s time for you to find something, like a new custom tailored suit from the Montagio showroom? Just a suggestion, but if it’s struck a chord then you know where to find us.

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