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5 Style Trends That Really Need to Die but Just Won't

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We’ve all been guilty of adopting a trend that we’d rather forget whether it was mullet in our youth or the pilot jacket we were so sure would make us look like Tom Cruise minus the jet. Okay so those two are a bit in the extreme but the fact that they remain fresh in our minds so many years later tells us just how terrible they were. Fast forward to 2016 and while the mullet is well and truly dead, there are a few trends from the last couple of years that just won’t die.

Hipster non-beards


Now don’t get us wrong, we’re quite partial to a well-groomed beard of the lumberjack ilk. But what we’re finding increasingly annoying is the wispy, blow-away efforts that are gracing the chins of many a Sydney hipster.

There are some things in life you just can’t change, the weather, Kanye West’s ego, and your ability to grow facial hair. Once you’ve reached your early twenties, if you can’t already grow a thick and luxurious beard the Gods would be proud of, then you never will. Give it up and stick to the super short style or even stubble.

Band merch you shouldn’t be wearing


If you’re a true Belieber, then we see no harm in wearing your fave singer’s tour dates on your back and maybe even his cheeky smile to the front. But if you’ve never even heard of the band that you so brazenly market across your chest, then you ‘insert random celebrity name’ are a fashion fool of the highest order.

Sorry, we don’t utter the word fool very often but come on, Kendall Jenner is a Slayer fan? Yeah and your gran is probably into NWA. It’s a trend that has become worryingly prevalent throughout the world of reality TV and wannabe celebrity fashion. And we can’t stand it.

The Hard Part


You know how sometimes you’re watching sports on TV or some band’s live show, and you wonder how the hell that guy’s hair stays so perfectly parted at all times. Well, that’s because he’s got himself a hard part. It’s basically a side parting shaved into your head.

This style requires no combing, no gel, in fact, no maintenance at all. Wonderful right? Unfortunately, though, this isn’t completely true. We reckon it’s a clever marketing ploy by the world barbers union to get the male population in the chair once a week to maintain this perfect parting. Okay, disclaimer time; we’re not even sure there is a world barbers union and if there is they probably don’t employ such devious tactics. Let’s just say it’s time for a new hairstyle.

Oversized overcoats


For the love of all that is sacred, could somebody please tell all those guys in the oversized overcoats that they look like little boys in adult’s clothing. As tailors, we love a custom made suit. The precise measurements, the perfect fit, and the resulting silhouette are what tailoring is all about. So why, oh why would we go back to the 80s, a decade that taste forgot?

No matter how incredible something may look on the runway, there are certain trends that just don’t work in real-life. The oversized coat is one such trend, and we beg the stylists of the world to unite with us in putting the final nail in the coffin of this awful fad.

Hawaiian Shirts


We are astounded that something as fashion archaic as the Hawaiian shirt enjoyed something of a renaissance in the last couple of years. While we certainly don’t hate the king of all holiday shirts, we’re firm believers that it belongs only in holiday snaps.

Unless you work on an Island resort or spend your days chasing villains in your Ferrari 308 GTS, then you have no business wearing these shirts on a daily basis. Looking in the mirror and wondering if Magnum would look good in this is not the place you want to be from a style perspective.


At the beginning of the year, we earmarked quite a few trends for burial and many of those accepted their fate with dignity. But these five have niggled us to the point of distraction for their seeming invincibility. We still live in hope though that these trends will die as they should in the not too distant future and never darken the halls of fashion again.


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