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James Bond? Daniel Craig has license to thrill with 3 Piece Suit

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If you're looking for inspiration on ways to rock your three piece suit, then look to style star Daniel Craig.

This suave 007 is often seen looking dapper in a well-fitted three piece suit at award nights, movie premieres, and red carpet events. His suave appearance answers most questions men may have about how to rock 3-piece suit:

daniel_craig_look_121) How many vest buttons are visible when the jacket is closed?

Craig has a relatively deep V in his jacket. This is because he generally wears a longer jacket that reaches the end of his thumb, so the V must come down lower to create the correct proportion for the jacket.

Secondly, he wears a six button vest, so the first button is quite high. When the jacket is closed, three vest buttons show. How many buttons of the vest to show varies depending on personal taste, body structure, and height. A Montagio style consultant can recommend the right design for your 3 piece suit.

2) How low should the Vest's bottom be?

Craig usually shows a glimpse of his trouser waistband (as he doesn't seem to wear a belt too often). This is the correct vest length; you should be able to see a slight glimpse of the belt or waistband, but you should never see the shirt when standing upright.

daniel_craig_look_2b3) What's with the pocket square?

When it comes to completing that dapper look, nothing says suave and sophisticated like a properly folded pocket square in a jacket's breast pocket.

Craig almost always wears a pocket square. Sometimes they match his tie, other times they don't. There is no hard and fast rule about pocket squares, although some sartorial purists may argue it is a fashion faux-pas to wear a pocket square that matches the tie.

Which Fold is Best?

Craig usually opts for the puff style fold, which is not really a fold but just the pocket square nicely stuffed into the breast pocket. It adds character while showing you're not trying too hard by over-thinking the whole look.

Pocket squares are an excellent way to add the pièce de résistance to an elegant look when wearing a 3- piece suit - with or without a tie.

To learn more about pocket squares, read "Do You Dare to Wear a Pocket Square?"

daniel_craig_look_14) When can I wear a 3 Piece Suit and not look like a try hard?

Unfortunately, Australia is not as fashion forward as the rest of the world. This, combined with its warmer weather, has discouraged many men from venturing into three piece suit territory.

Given that, most men reserve their 3-piece suits for weddings, formal dinners, or formal occasions.

The mindset is "I'm going to look like a try hard if I wear a 3-piece suit to work, especially since no one else does." But the truth is, most Australian men are too afraid to break convention!

Think Outside the Box

Australian men should change their mindset, move forward with fashion, and follow the lead of movies such as "Wall Street Money Never Sleeps." A three piece suit looks smart and sharp if tailored correctly. No need to restrict its use for weddings and formal occasions; wear it to work proudly, and do add a pocket square for extra flair.

Strutting your stuff in a three-piece suit shows you take pride in the way you look; you're a confident trend setter. If your work environment requires wearing a suit, sport your 3-iece suit one day and savour the reaction you get.

The women in your office will definitely comment positively! The men will probably also think it looks good, but may not have the courage to say it out loud. Make it a regular thing, and you'll be known as the smartest dresser in the office.

So put some faith in the suave stylings of dapper Daniel Craig who leads by example - don a 3-piece suit and bask in the attention you'll get.

Here's some more of Danny Boy showcasing his 3 Piece Suit collection:

daniel_craig_look_6daniel_craig_look_4daniel_craig_look_13daniel_craig_look_8Note: Also Check out the Waist Coat Appreciation Society to see more great examples of different styles of vests and men's 3 Piece Suits. Interested in vests but want to know more? Read "Your Vested Interest: Wear the Waistcoat to Your Advantage."

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