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May 2011

How Much Shirt Cuff Should I Show?

When it comes to showing off your cuff, there is no hard and fast rule, and sometimes it is not your jacket you need to worry about but your shirt sleeve length. Here's our expert advice about how to look dapper in all your suits. more »

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10 May 2011

Did You Get Your Money’s Worth for Your Tailored Suit?

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when your tailor creates your tailored suit? Hopefully, this brief tutorial opens your eyes to a few truths so you can make informed future purchases. more »

Section: Men's Style - Blog

10 May 2011

Engagement Etiquette: Dressing to Impress When Meeting the Parents

So you've reached a point in the relationship where it is time to meet your girlfriend's parents at a formal dinner. You've planned answers to the questions you may be asked during dinner, but when you look in your wardrobe, you see nothing formal. Before you hit the panic button, try the tricks offered here so you can put your best fashion foot forward and wow her folks. more »

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10 May 2011

How to Buy a Custom Tailored Suit

Few things feel as good as slipping into a custom tailored suit that fits you like a glove. However, the process to buy that suit should give you as much enjoyment as wearing the suit itself. Here's a guide to help you navigate the process with ease. more »

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01 May 2011



Simon Frazer

Montagio did a great job on wedding suits for me and my two groomsmen. Bally provided us with fantastic service and the result was definitely superior to an off-the-rack option... more »

Kiran Dosanjh

I have bought a total of 11 pieces custom made so far - quality and attention to detail is spectacular, material choice is broad and the input customers have in creating the exact look they want is a great experience... more »

Roy Soliman

I went back for another suit, a few shirts and some ties. Outstanding! I had so many complements on my new suit yesterday! more »

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