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A perfectly cut custom made men's suit is the choice of the gentleman who knows what he wants. Guaranteed to fit you perfectly, our custom made suiting range is smart, sophisticated and comes in a large range of luxurious English and Italian wool fabrics to suit all budgets. Numerous custom styling options mean you can add personal flair, or keep it clean-cut and classic.


  • Each suit is cut from a unique pattern


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About Men's Custom Made Suits

tailored_suitOur custom tailored suits are individually hand-crafted garments, made to your exact body shape and unique styling requirements. Custom tailored is a much better option than buying off-the-rack, giving you superb choice and convenience - without the high price tag.

Unlike others, at Montagio all our custom tailored suits are cut from from a pattern designed uniquely for you - a technique only the finest tailors use. We offer a large range of luxurious and durable wool fabrics from England and Italy. So whether it be for business or pleasure, you're sure to look and feel your confident and comfortable best in your new custom tailored suit from Montagio.

In case you're slightly confused about your options, the phrase "custom tailored suits" is often (and incorrectly) used interchangeably with bespoke suits, tailor made suits and made-to-measure suits. The difference is that a bespoke suit must be cut to a unique pattern designed from your measurements, will allow you to style the suit in any fashion you like and may include multiple fittings. Tailor made suits and custom made suits are similar, however made-to-measure suits often refer to suits made from the same base pattern and structure and thus are not uniquely designed for you.

At Montagio, we do one thing CUSTOM TAILORING. We offer aspects of a "bespoke service" with all of our suits cut from uniquely made patterns. However, we limit the number of styling options and fittings to make the process simpler and keep the price reasonable. Instead of having numerous fittings, we aim to acheive the perfect fit via alterations (if needed). This makes the process simpler and keeps our prices very reasonable.